How to get re-hired

The threshold of your job search starts with lot of options. One such can be getting rehired in your previous company which purely depends upon your terms with your boss when you left the organization and how could you aver to the expectation when trying to get a job back. Apart from that, your conduct while working previously in the organization also matters.

There could be many reasons why you left the job like Better opportunity, layoff, terminated. In either case, one can go back to the previous employer and start afresh. There are some important points to keep in mind when you are getting rehired:

  1. Networking: This is why they say networking is important. Always keep in touch with your previous employers and your colleagues and boss to check out any openings. It is also important not to burn the bridges when leaving the organization. Always leave the organization in good terms and keep in touch with your boss often. Most of the companies prefer hiring back the previous employer for reason that they left in good terms and your skills are proven already, so there is no much process in re hiring.
  2. Be honest: When getting back to your previous employer, be honest and tell them the reason you left the company.  The employer might dig deep to find out the reason of you being so desperate to get the job back, so try and explain them how much you missed your company and the work culture.
  3. Convince the employer: The major fear for any employer to rehire would be, what if better opportunity comes your way, will you again leave the organization. SO try to convince your employer, how keen you are to join the company and tell them you want to build a long term relationship with this company, because you have got visibility in this company already.
  4. Grab the opportunity: The most important part is keep in touch with the HR and your colleagues, and check if the coast is clear, and get in the boat. As soon as you find an opportunity, try to convince as much to grab it. Because there are lot of job hungry people waiting and as you have already been part of the organization, chances of you getting the preference is more.
  5. Update your resume: Let your resume reflect the positive things and your achievements in your previous company. This is the best way to sell yourself back to your previous employer. Then Start emailing your resume to all your previous contacts including the HR and let them know how keen you are to come back.
  6. Breach of contract: If you have significantly sabotaged your reputation and then you want to come back, don’t even think of doing that, because no employer will tolerate nonsense again and again.


Last but not the least, always remain positive, it might take some time to win over your employer. So have patience and keep trying provided, you know that your conscience has been clear and your image is squeaky clean. Getting rehired can bring back your self- respect and can give you an opportunity to prove yourself again.


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