Pre-employment Background verification process

With the growing competition and opportunities available in the market, candidates have become smarter. While working in the recruitment industry, we come across lot of candidates and it’s difficult to differentiate who is fake and who is bonafide. And that is the reason that the companies have become extra cautious in selecting a candidate. Earlier the employer used to maintain a record of the candidate’s academics and employment documents, but no proper verification was done as such and that, in the long run wrecks the reputation of the company.

Having said that, a proper process is followed when it comes to background verification, which includes credential verification, previous employer verification, address check, some companies go for a thorough check which is quite time consuming, but in a way they get the best of the resources for their organization.

The pre-employment background verification process starts when the candidate submits all the required documents before joining the organization.  Most of the companies these days hire third party vendors for background verification. They provide them with all the documents and then a detailed verification program is conducted, which is as follows:

  1. Education check: There are some of the blacklisted colleges which provide fake educational certificates and a fake degree. So every employer has a list of these colleges. SO first and foremost thing is to peruse the list and check whether the university is blacklisted and even if it’s not, they visit the college and do a detailed check on the candidates academic background. Only when they are satisfied, they go ahead with the next step.
  2. Previous employer verification: The next step would be to contact the previous employer/employers and check whether the candidate really worked there. How was his/her performance in the organization, what was the reason of quitting the job, how was the conduct in the organization with the colleagues and managers, so on and so forth. They have a check list of the questions to be asked to the employer and only if all the criteria’s are met, do they give thumbs up. Also, there are lot of companies which voluntarily provide fake certificates to the candidates. All they have to do is pay some amount and their details are added in the record. So they have to be very careful.
  3. Reference check: The best thing to make out if the candidate is genuine is through reference check. The candidates have to submit the name and number of the reporting managers. And then the employers get in touch with the managers and try to get the maximum information about the candidate. This is helpful to tackle the above case.
  4. Criminal history: This helps in checking the background of the candidate. Is there any criminal charge against them and what has been the overall background professionally and personally?
  5. Credit history: Yes, Some companies do go for a credit check to rule out any possibility of the candidate being a defaulter, which can sabotage the reputation of the organization.
  6. Gaps in employment: Whether any gaps in the employment and the reason for the same is also included in the process.
  7. Address and identity verification: Permanent and temporary address has to be taken to check whether the candidate is who he or she claims to be. Apart from that, the identity of the candidate also has to be checked thoroughly to see if the candidate is not involved in terrorist activity or money laundering or fraudulence. So the passport or Pan card has to be verified.


The process differs from company to company and place to place, but to rule out any complications in the near future, a proper verification has to be done which is good for the reputation of the company. Every employer has to be finicky when it comes to hiring the right and genuine candidate.  A slight mistake from your end can wreck your image and you will lose on the deserving candidate.


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