How to cope with the Job loss


Losing a job can leave you devastated and depressed. And it becomes difficult to bounce back from such a loss. Research shows, that job loss is the biggest reason for stress-caused and this might also lead to mental instability. Job loss can be caused by whatever reason, but the after effects are disquieting and traumatic. AT the crunch of your life you feel alone and your world turns upside down.

I’ve had a similar experience and I could feel the pang behind it. You just can’t get over it for some time and again the trials, interviews and rejection continues. At one point you lose all your hopes and you feel the misery will never leave you. But one thing you have to understand that you have to dodge the misery and control your life. Only when you have faith in yourself, will you be able to stand back again and fight for your prerogative.

Having said that, one has to cope with this loss sometime, then why not now? Let’s figure out some strategies and ways to deal with the job loss:

  1. Move on: This is something which everyone suggests, to move on. There is no point in cribbing and sulking about what happened. That was in your fate and it happened to you. Next step is how to move on in this phase of life. It is kind of difficult because, you might have not thought about the future plans and as already said, at the crunch of your career, you get the shock of your life. So it is not easy to come out of it so soon. But nothing stays intact, and that’s why you have to move on and plan your future wisely.
  2. Talk to a counsellor: At this point in time, you might find yourself in a state of extreme depression and commotion. When you feel you have reached a saturation point and you can’t handle it any more, try consulting an expert or counsellor and try to come out of it.
  3. Start afresh: Life teaches us a lesson in every phase of life. So think about it as a bad dream and start afresh leaving all your sour experiences behind. Take a sabbatical and then start your job search, this will divert your mood and help you cope with the loss.
  4. 4.       Stay positive: The Mantra to success is, always stay positive, come what may. This attitude will always keep your spirits high and you will come out of the loss easily and will get the best job. With this attitude start your job search and no one can stop you from reaching your goals.
  5. Socialize: I am not asking you to celebrate, but don’t dodge from the reality and try to get out of it and mingle with people around. Share experiences and get advices. You will come to know, you are not the only one who is going through this Phase, and there are people who have suffered from even worst situations.
  6. Don’t burn the bridges: I know it is quite disquieting when you come to know the news of you being laid off, but don’t take out your frustration on your manager. This will leave a bad impression and even if you want to get rehired, your chances will be faint. So never burn the bridges, leave the organization with good terms with your manager and colleagues.
  7. 7.      Plan your finances: This is the bad phase of your life and so you might suffer financial crisis, so plan your finances in a smart manner and try to save as much and spend less. Remember, this is the time when you have to think twice before spending as you have just lost a job and it takes time to get over it.

Coping with the job loss can be difficult but it will definitely teach you a lesson of life. So to elude any complication in life, which you already have, face the situation in a positive way and you will definitely get over it, over a period of time.



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