Building an effective talent pool

Building an effective talent pool

The recruitment industry or any other industry for that matter has initiated a smart move when searching for the best available resources in the market. There is a plethora of talent available outside, it is just that they have to be identified and hired. However, it has become indispensable to stand away from the crowd and so the corporate have started building a pool of talent to utilize it when necessary. And this is when An RPO’s role comes into picture. RPO is recruitment process outsourcing. They build a pool of talent and based on the requisitions and skill sets, they provide the best talent from their database. They have a dedicated workforce available to map the talent and select the best resources available in the market and add in their database for present and future needs.

With the growing competition in the market and people heading towards different options to source a candidate, it has become a need of an hour to build a pool of talent. Talent pooling is nothing but creating a database of the candidates and employees based on their skill sets. At the time of downturn, this is of great importance. Having said that, there has to be some important things to be considered when building an effective pool:

  1. Talent mapping: It is necessary to first determine the talent and try to find out, which roles are niche, have higher attrition rates, and has greater demand in the market. SO a proper talent mapping is necessary before we go ahead and build a talent pool. Remember these are the candidates who are in much demand and so all the companies would target them. So be the first to contact them, add them in your database and keep in touch with them.
  2. Create a nomenclature: A proper step has to be followed, when creating a pipeline of candidates. SO once talent mapping is done, next step would be to classify the candidates based on their skills, experiences, roles, and other criteria. So create a nomenclature and detailed background of the candidate, so that anyone who has access to the database can actually get a clear picture of every candidate added in the database and it would be easy for them to contact the right person for the right job.
  3. Keep in touch: As already mentioned, to build an effective pool, it is indispensable that you contact the candidate frequently and check the status of his/her employment. This also helps in building a rapport and gives them the message loud and clear that “Dude! We are considering you anytime.”
  4. Update the database: Also, as and when you speak to the candidates, keep updating the status in the database, so it will be easy for the other person to identify what is what about the candidate.

Earlier there were no proper tools to maintain a pool of the candidates and so recruiters relied on traditional method of maintaining the data of the candidates which was time consuming and not up to date and one might lose the whole data if not maintained properly. SO to rule out any such inadvertent deletion of data, companies have opted for a more advanced technology of maintaining database and there are also third party vendors who provide with such tools which are easy, effective and quick.


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