Getting an appreciation

Writing a blog, a post or a synopsis for that matter in your forte is always great. I have crossed 100 Posts already and I feel much more confident. Actually when you write a blog on the subject which interests you or which is your domain, it also helps us boost our skills and when we write an informative topics, it is a new learning for us as well. It is as informative for us.  Because, the topics come at the spur of the moment and then while writing, you think “How come I never thought about these topics.” SO it is always a learning curve and it encourages us to provide impeccable blogs every time. Having said that, there are other things also which matters, one of which is the reader’s interest, you have to see, which blog of yours gets the maximum views and likes and you can write more blogs that revolves around the same topic.

Also, every comment you get is also an achievement for you, because you feel happy that your blogs are being viewed and liked. This is really encouraging and it keeps our morale high. But, there is always this one thing which pulls you back and that is disappointment from the family members. I’ve never got an appreciation from my family members but my husband, which is quite disquieting and discouraging. But I have decided, this will not shake my confidence in me. There are lot of people who pull your leg when you plan to do something good, it is up to you, if you want to listen to them and stop doing what you like? Or keep trying and trying. We do learn from our mistakes and that is what I have been doing since. However, a small appreciation is what is expected, but never mind, I am already getting recognized and appreciated from people outside and that is what matters to me at this point in time and that is what keeps me rolling.

At the same time, when you view your blog yourself, it is kind of hard to believe that it has been appreciated so much. So keep writing and connecting with the fellow bloggers that is the Mantra to a successful blogger. You don’t have to be monetarily rich in order to become successful. You have to be appreciated in whatever you do and that is a greatest success itself.


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