Perfect job: A myth

I have seen people say, I am not into a perfect job or I am waiting for my dream job, but have you ever found one? Ever since a person pursues the education, they are in the mindset that some day they will reach where they have to and that would be their dream job. But again, are they really satisfied with their job or are they still in the pursuit of the perfect job.

AT least I feel that this entire “perfect job” thing is a myth. A person is never satisfied, even if he or she gets the best job in the world and that’s how it is. That is human behaviour which can never change. Having said that, there are people who are successful in whatever they do and that is what matters and I think that is what is called a perfect job. However, this doesn’t mean stop trying for the job which interests you or which values your skill, but at certain point you will feel that this is not you wanted to do. So, in any career, there are things which you absolutely love to do and there are things which you have to do, because you have no choice. Some people end up into a career by chance and not by choice. Every job is a blend of good or bad. You have to decide how to make it the perfect job and make it interesting:

  1.   High expectation: When you start expecting too much from your job, it becomes monotonous and boring which leads to your disinterest for the same. And then you feel this is not the job I dreamt of. You have no choice but to wake up early in the morning and slog yourself to office and that is your bread and butter. But that doesn’t mean don’t work at all because you don’t like the job or it doesn’t meet your expectations. Be a balanced human being, high expectations are never fulfilled in the real life scenario, so this is just a job, where you are bound to face the ups and downs.
  2. Don’t react in impulse: Oh! You don’t like the job, let’s quit. This should not be the attitude. When your reactions are at an impulse, your career boat will head towards sinking any time. Because, you leave this job, you join another. You don’t like that as well, you join another. SO too many job hops will leave a bad impact in your career growth and it will reach a saturation point where no company will hire you because of your frequent reactions and job changes.
  3. Pursue your hobbies: Everybody feels that this is not the job they are suitable for, but still they continue to work to run their family. However, you can always give some time from your work and try to pursue something which interests you like singing, writing, and painting. This is a great stress buster and it will help you perform well in your job as well.
  4. Learn in order to grow: You might not be satisfied with the role you are into and so you feel that, this is not what I thought I would be doing. So give yourself some time and think what interests you the most and learn those skills in order to move ahead in your career graph.

So there is nothing like a perfect job. Any job, perfect or imperfect, is a blend of things which you love to do and things which you don’t like to do. You have to decide how you make your career interesting and try to ignore the trivial factors which bust your career.


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