Career vs. job: Pursue your passion

The biggest difference between job and career is that multiple jobs make a career. It is the history of all the jobs put together which defines a career of an individual. However job is a duty performed in the organization for the monthly income. This may sound confusing, but this is how it is, a job serves the basic needs of an individual but a career helps in realizing their dreams and converting it into reality. A career can be anything which you like to do and strive to pursue your passion. For example, if a person likes to write, he can pursue a career in writing, though he may not get paid that much. But he/she is living up their likes and interests.  At the same time, a job is something which is monotonous and something which is taken by chance and not by choice. And for that they are getting paid every month to meet their basic needs.

However, as compared to jobs, a career is harder to achieve. There has to be a point where you can differentiate between the two and follow your passion. Having said that, let figure out how can one choose between jobs and career:

  1.  Stability: A career doesn’t have stability and it requires taking risk at your own cost. Because career is something which you have chosen and for that, you might have to face the consequences. However, a job has more stability for obvious reasons that, you are paid a fixed income.
  2. Ongoing learning: A career requires continuous learning for a lifetime. There is no stopping. A career can be changed along the way and so every step requires a new learning altogether.  However, a job requires a particular qualification which is suffice to meet the requirement of the job you are doing.
  3. Duration: A career is always for a short term. Your interest may change and so does your career. But a job is for a long term and Job security is always there.
  4. Learning curve: Every job and career is a learning curve; some have good experiences while some have bad. But a career when looked back reminds you of the cluster of jobs you have done and how did you realize your dream.

The most important thing that matters is to realize your job into your dream career. However it totally depends on when you have to choose from a job or a career. Some try to do it simultaneously, that is, pursue a career while doing a job. While some wait for the right time and opportunity for the same. So it is an individual choice, how you will choose a career or a job. The only thing that matters is pursuing your passion and that is something which has to be thought upon continuously.


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