The unexpected: A job loss which Shattered me

Sometimes life offers you some sour experiences which remain in your mind for a lifetime. And then every time you try to set it right, it comes back again leaving you even more broken from the core. I’ve had multiple experiences right from my job loss to a personal loss which was inexplicable. I was never fortunate enough to pursue a proper career. Right from the time I started my career, I had hopping, some expected and some unexpected. And every job loss has left be broken and my self confidence has been torn asunder.

Well! If you see in my resume every company I have worked with is 6 months for reasons of my own. At one point, I thought, now it’s high time and I should think about my career seriously. And so I did. I started off in a company right after I moved to Bangalore. It was a pretty decent company and I was getting paid well and even the environment was great. I was delighted that finally I am in a job of my interest and I decided, I will stay in this company for long. For the work flexibility, the perks and the other facilities they offer, this looked like a great deal to me.

It was 3 months and I was very contented with my job and was happy as well. It was at this point in time, that there was a sudden downturn in the market. And being in the recruitment industry, the chances of we getting targeted was the most. I was not ready to believe that this is anyways going to affect me because: firstly, I was a good performer and hard working( I felt so), I got many appreciations from my manager which made me believe I will stay here for long.

The fear was there in every employee and everyone was playing safe and started searching for jobs. But I was so freaking sure that I didn’t bother to search for another job. However, because everyone was so tensed, I also pretended to be and asked my manager “How intense will be the effect”. For that, what my manager told me made me more relaxed. He said “Don’t worry; you are not there in the list”. And I was already in cloud nine. Next day was the declaration day and I was already safe. So I was relaxed. However, I was feeling a little tensed for my friends who could be in the list.

Anyways, next day there was some festival celebration in the office and everyone was in great mood. Dressed in their best and trying to be happy. Though tensions could be seen in their faces, but everyone maintained their composure. After the celebration was over, we were heading back to our cabins to start our work. As I tried to unlock my computer, it said invalid password. So I tried again. I already did it three times and couldn’t open my system. SO I called the support team and asked for help. They said they will come after some time. Then I noticed that some more employees had the same problem. And it was not all but some. Then I overheard someone say that “may be this is their last day in the organization”. I didn’t want to believe them for an obvious reason that my manager assured me. Apparently, my manager was on leave that day and so I had no one to ask what’s going on. SO I waited for some time. And then my HR manager called me in his cabin and gave the shock of my life with the pink slip. I could feel the shiver in my whole body and the ground rotating under me.  I had no choice left. However, I tried calling my manager and he was equally shocked by the news.

SO even now, I have not been able to get over it and trying to search for a job as good. But one thing I have learnt from this incident is that never be overconfident. Your over confidence can drown you totally. And also never trust anybody and maintain a low profile always. Had I not believed my manager and started my job search earlier itself, I would have been placed in a better company already. But because of a mistake of mine, I am still stuck in my job search.


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