Why this pretence: A least favourite quality in others

Why this pretence

I don’t understand why people have to pretend that they are smarter than everyone in the world. I came across one of my friend, she doesn’t look that smart but the way she boasts herself, the other person would get a complex. I personally don’t like these types of personalities for an obvious reason that they are too irritating a character. These are the person who knows nothing but pretends that they are better than everyone in the world.

It so happened that I went to this girl’s place. Her house was not so great though but well maintained I must say. The whole time when she was preparing the food, she was boasting herself and her family that they are the best cooks; no one can match their food quality blah blah blah. I already started feeling bored and I was like “someone please stop her”. When I tasted her food, I was sure that no one can match her food quality, it was horrible. I guess even a novice can cook a better food. Anyways, it was my time to invite her to my house and I did. I started preparing food and she was irritatingly interfering. This is not made like this, this wont taste good, I cook better than this. And I was like “What the hell!” I was really furious at that point in time. I thought I didn’t intervene when she was cooking, why she doesn’t understand the other person gets irritated with continuous interference.

Finally, we had our lunch and again she started giving free suggestions, this you should have cooked this way or my way then it would have tasted great. I really felt like telling her directly in her face how horrible a cook she is.

Having said that, I have been meeting many such people off late and I sometimes think, don’t they understand that their behaviours is annoying to others. Anyways suggestions are free so anyone can give. But, I definitely don’t want to take free suggestions from her. They have to understand that every household has a different culture and way of eating. It is not necessary that the lifestyle you follow has to be followed by your friends and relatives. It is their personal choice. Likewise, the food also differs from place to place. You can’t forcefully ask anyone to cook food which you are used to. You have to adjust as per the need of an hour. Continuous drone when you are cooking something is quite irritating you see.

I guess people have to understand that their behaviour can hurt someone or can pique someone. SO try to maintain a healthy relationship and stop giving unnecessary suggestions unless asked for.


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