Job satisfaction of employees: Major factors

An organization constantly tries to bring in job satisfaction of employees, which is a cornerstone for employee retention. At the same time, an employee also, is always in the pursuit of their dream job and only when they are satisfied with their current job, they will foster the organization growth.

Apart from the monetary benefits, there are other things also that matters for an overall job satisfaction. An employee looks for a growth in the organization, the scope for learning and recognition of their hard work. So all these bind together gives a job satisfaction to the employees. And this in turn will make them work more and more and give their best to the organization.

Having said that, there are lot of factors which help in the job satisfaction, some of which are listed below:

  1. Package or Salary: As already discussed, this is the major factor for an employee to stay in the organization. Every employee compares his/her salary from the market trends and only when they feel they are paid good enough, they would feel happy and will build a long term relationship with the organization. SO salary plays a vital role in an employee’s job satisfaction.
  2. Reward and recognition: All work and no recognition will make you feel like a machine with no oiling. So it is indispensable to appreciate the work of the employees and reward them with some trophies or certificates etc. and recognize their hard work. When an employee’s work is recognized, it will encourage them to work even harder and give their best. Also, they would feel satisfied that their work is appreciated and rewarded.
  3. Growth and promotion: This is something which concerns every employee. What will be the growth plan in this organization? When is he/she eligible for a promotion? And a proper growth plan has to be followed by the organization which is every employee’s prerogative. Only when a proper growth is visible, an employee feels relieved that they are in safe hands and they can stay in the organization for long. SO time to time growth and promotion also helps in job satisfaction.
  4. Environment: All the above things do matter, but the most important thing which helps in an employee’s satisfaction is the work culture and the wok environment. Office politics is something which is quite common these days and no employee wants to stay in the organization where this is prominent. A healthy and clean environment, with everyone helping each other and maintaining a healthy relationship, is what an individual is majorly looking for. If the work environment is not healthy and if an employee is forced to work in such environment, then the productivity will automatically decrease and job satisfaction will nowhere be seen.
  5. Support from the managers: When an employee gets full support from their colleagues and managers, they can vie in the toughest of situation. So, support from managers is very important in an organization.
  6. Flexibility: Again, too much job stress, can also lead to disinterest for the organization. SO an organization should provide work flexibility, which nowadays plays a vital role in the retention of employees.

Only when these factors are met, an employee can vouch for the organization. Nowadays, lot of companies big and small, consider job satisfaction as the major factor for employee retention. And for that they go that extra mile.


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