Losing a great employee: A difficult decision

They say, never let go a great and deserving employee from your organization. It is equally heartbreaking for an employer to lose a rock star of the organization. When your business is growing, you rely on some of the best performers and would always want to retain that employee. But it is their personal choice and you can never stop an employee from leaving the organization if he/she has a genuine reason to leave.

Sam has been a best performer throughout his career and that made him very popular. When he got a great opportunity, his employer couldn’t imagine letting go of a good employee. But, he was a great person as well and he left the organization with great memories. He was a trendsetter and it became difficult for the employer to hire someone with equally well or more talent, because he became a benchmark for the employer.

Having said that, though this is a hard decision, but one has to take it and move on. The employers survive this loss all the time and they move on over a period of time. Following are the points which will help you either cope with it or help retain the best employee:

  1. Respect their decision: I know this would be hard, because your heart will bleed losing an employee who, you feel, is the soul of the organization. But remember, they have not signed a bond with you to stay for a lifetime. If they find better opportunities or role, they are bound to leave the organization. So Always, respect their decision and try to put you in their shoes.
  2. Find out the reason: There may be reason which the employee doesn’t want to reveal which could be harassment or politics or any other reason inside the organization. Try to probe them as a friend and find out the reason for quitting. If it is not related to office, then don’t force them to reveal their personal problems, instead try and understand their situation.
  3. Try to convince them: As an HR, it is your realm to retain every employee. So, you know this is one of the best employees your organization has and you would definitely want to retain the best of talents. So try to convince them.
  4.  Appreciate their work: When an employee is leaving an organization, as a gesture of respect appreciate their work. And let them know how precious an asset he was for the company and assure them that you will always vouch for them in their future endeavors.
  5. Let them know they can be rehired: Assure your employee that at any point in time, if they want to come back, you would be more than happy to re-hire such talent in any stage of life.
  6. Start your hiring process: As soon as you come to know that your employee is leaving, start the hiring process and try to get a similar talent in order to fill the gap.

So, all in all, a difficult decision has to be taken, but one has no choice but to accept the truth and let go the best of employees from your organization. Take it as a challenge and try to hire more of such talents and don’t let the growth of your company affect, if any employee quits the organization.


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