Scope of career after Masters

Education has not been a bar for the deserving candidates of late. What matters is experience and how well versed a person is in that particular skill. But, big brands, do consider education as a major cornerstone for the organization. Whether it’s MBA, MSC or MCA, the career scope for these masters degree has increased. But the question is Masters with experience or masters without experience, which one has more weightage and leverages in the growing competition.

Also, whether the post graduation candidates get a leeway of immediate hiring post their masters, is a debatable topic, which will always be one. SO let us point out some points on what is the scope of career after masters and before masters.

  1. The institute matters: Irrespective of whether you are pursuing bachelors or masters, the institute plays a vital role. Candidates doing their bachelors from one of the top institutes are given an opportunity. Similarly, masters from a reputed B school, will get more leeway compared to masters through correspondence or any other institute.
  2. Experienced or freshers: Again, this also depends on company to company. Some organizations consider giving equal opportunities to freshers and so they hire fresh out of college pot graduates. However, there are companies, which are very particular about the hiring trend and only hire candidates holding a masters degree with 1-2 yrs experience in the relevant field.


Apart from the above two points, there are candidates who is still in the pursuit of a job which will offer them a good salary based on their masters.  With a graduate unemployment rate quite lucid in the growing competition, lot of people are considering pursuing a master’s degree to increase their scope of getting a job. Having said that, not all the master’s degree provide you with the best of jobs or provide you job at all. For some the struggle is intact whether after bachelors or after masters. So, in order to increase their scope of career after masters, following things can be done:

  1. Learning and upgrading new skills: What an individual can do is, keep upgrading the skills they are well versed with, this will be an add-on in your resume. Any career requires continuous learning. SO between the gaps where you are still in search of a job, you can always utilize that time in learning advanced technologies and skills. This will be an added advantage in your career search.
  2. Interview tactics: One has to be very particular about how he/she present them self in front of the interview panel. And majorly when you are a postgraduate professional, the expectations of the employer is even higher. SO learn the tactics of cracking the interview. This will hone your skills further. With every interview you face, your confidence level increases.

SO the scope of a career after masters totally depends upon the organization and the candidate. If you sit at home and think that, companies will come searching for you. This attitude will never take you further in the long run.  You have to continuously knock every door to get the job. Not all are lucky enough to get the job as soon as they complete their masters. So, you have to make yourself stand away from the crowd, for the employers to come to you with the job offers.


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