Moms seeking part time employment

Every individual has a dream or an ambition in life. SO does a woman have, but striking a balance between work and family becomes difficult for a working woman. Working 40 hours a week, she hardly gets time for herself and her family. And then at one point she has to choose between career and family, and she has to sacrifice her career and her dreams to fulfil her family needs. A woman always has to prioritize between family and work and for her family always comes first.

However, one can always pursue their career even if they are not going to office or could not work full time. There are innumerable options available these days for an ambitious mother. Below are some of the part time options:

  1. Freelancing: Most of the companies provide great opportunities to the freelancers. They can work at their comfort level and get paid on the basis of the work done or hours worked. So, this is one option which will help you continue with your career as well as balance your family life. Freelancing includes a glut of skills like freelance web designers, freelance writers, recruiter, and programmers. In every field these days freelancing option is available.
  2. Teaching: Some women would like to teach little kids and so this would be a great part time employment, as this would not be a 9 to 5 job. Moreover, you can teach a subject of your interest.  Also, you can opt for a visiting lecturer. This option is mostly at a higher level of education like MBA, but if you have already done a course in teaching and you are well versed with the subject, you can take this as a part time option.
  3. Contract employees: Big companies hire contract employees for a stipulated period or hours of work. One can always go for a contract position with big companies, the major advantage is that you get paid well and you can work as per your flexibility.
  4. Trainer: Again, lot of companies hire third party vendors to provide trainers in different field like communication trainer, voice and accent trainer, personality development trainer, and technical trainer. So you can work as a trainer in the companies. This is another great option to work part time and still get paid well.
  5. Tuitions: There are parents who, apart from sending their kid to school want a personal tutor for a particular subject or all subjects, who will help the kid understand the subject more. This job requires you to work just 1-2 hrs a day and again you are paid well.


When you browse through, you will find a plethora of options where you can choose a perfect part time job. Which will keep you moving ahead in your career at the same time spend time with the family. So, it is up to you which part time job you take up as a career. So, never let your dreams shatter and never let your sacrifices take a toll on your career. Being ambitious is not a blunder. So realize your dreams at the same time let your family know how important they are to you.


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