How to crack it over the phone

Economical hiring is something which most of the companies are opting for these days. Spending a bomb on the hiring process is receding slowly. The major reason being recession hitting the market frequently, most of the companies want to hire the best of talent, but at a minimal cost. Having said that, not all telephone interviews go well and it becomes difficult to gauge the overall personality of the candidate over the phone, the body language, the confidence level and other factors. Moreover, the chances of the employer getting cheated are also there.

But, the first interview is mostly done over the phone and that itself helps gauge the candidate’s caliber. As a candidate, one has to be very smart and active, when giving an interview over the phone. Let’s point out some important points that can be considered when giving a telephonic interview:

  1. The background or environment: Ideally, a recruiter informs the candidate in advance about the technical interview from the client. So you have to make sure your background should be pin drop silent. Because every little sound can be heard when on call and it becomes difficult for the interviewer as well as the candidate to concentrate on the conversation.
  2. Prepare yourself: The major advantage of a telephonic interview is that you get a time to prepare yourself for the interview. SO brush up your theoretical knowledge because they would majorly ask you theoretical questions. You should not fumble or let the interviewer know that you are struggling to answer the question.
  3. Be honest: This is something which is very important in any interview, whether face to face or telephonic. If you don’t know the answer to a particular question, be honest and tell them straight that you don’t know, instead of beating around the bush. Interviewer always considers an honest candidate over a candidate who pretends they know everything and giving the wrong answer.
  4. Professionalism: Don’t talk to the client like you are talking to friends be professional and crisp in your usage of language and tone. This will make a great impression to the interviewer. Professionalism is something which is the crux of an interview. Munching or slurping while on call is a big NO.
  5. Confidence: When giving a telephonic interview, being nervous is mundane. But never show your nervousness on call. Drink a glass of water before the interview and be confident and smart while giving an interview. Apparently on a telephonic interview, the interviewers build an image of the candidate while talking. So if you fumble and stammer and show your nervousness, they will imagine you as a low on confidence candidate and will reject you upfront.
  6. Active and attentive: Never be too laid back when giving an interview, which can be quite prominent on the call. If you are too laid back and talk very casually, an interviewer can make out your interest and seriousness for the interview or job for that matter. SO always be active and attentive while on call. Don’t let the interviewer repeat the question too many times. That looks unprofessional and disquieting.
  7. Never interrupt: When the client is asking a question, never ever interrupt and try to jump into conclusion. Listen to the question first, take some time to think and then answer even if you know the answer. A hiatus in an interview can put the offer down for you.

Small things that have to be taken care of and you can definitely crack it over the phone.


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