How to create a CV that clicks

With so much competition around, it becomes difficult for an individual to get the job they deserve. Moreover, the recruiter gets the CV in plethora and they select the best of all. You must be thinking when all the CV is almost the same, how can one select the best?  Well that is the crux of recruitment. Every recruiter searches for the CV which they feel stands out of the crowd and which is worth considering.

For most of the people a CV is nothing but an epic of their whole career. But remember, not everyone has whole time in the world and they reject it upfront. SO a Proper CV plays a vital role in building your career and getting you the right job. Any CV that catches the eye of the recruiter gets the advantage of getting clicked.

Having said that, one has to follow some simple tips on how to create a CV that clicks:

  1. Crisp and clear: As already mentioned, you don’t have to write an epic of 5-6 pages. Create a CV which is crisp, clear, short and simple. Because the recruiter just views the CV at a glance and if they feel you CV are as accurate as could be, they would definitely view it and consider.
  2. No Embellishments: In order to make it look different, don’t try to decorate it with gaudy colors and different themes; it will look even more unprofessional and immature. May be the content in your CV is perfect, but when you decorate it, that itself will bring a bad impact. SO avoid embellishments of any sort and make it simple.
  3. Highlight your experiences: The only thing that matters in your CV is your experience level, roles and responsibilities and the companies you have worked with. You CV shouldn’t be like a long essay, where you don’t understand where the beginning is and where is the end. SO highlight your experiences. It becomes easy for the recruiter to gauge your calibre based on your experience.
  4. Update your contact details: Change in your number or email ID has to be updated in your CV so that the recruiters can contact you for a suitable job offer.
  5. Personalize: Instead of adding up more and more skills and experiences in one CV, you can personalize you CV according to the job you are applying for. Like if you are an HR and also a freelance writer. You can make a separate CV for HR related jobs and separate for freelance writer. The chances of you getting the exact match will be more. If you reckon all your skills in one, the recruiter might get confused whether you are an HR or a writer. So in order to ease your work as well as the recruiters work, personalize your CV.
  6. Key categories: your CV must contain some key categories like: Introduction, education qualification, experience, skills and expertise, Achievements, Work history, References. So every CV differs when it comes to categories. SO based on the job you are applying for or to make your CV stand out from the crowd try to categorize it, so that it will be easy for the recruiters to understand.
  7. Points and bullet points: When explaining about your roles and responsibilities in every company, try to use points or bullet points instead of a short paragraph, because it becomes easy for the other person to understand each and every role and then gauge the candidate based on the same.
  8.  Target companies: target your dream companies and try to upgrade and update you CV according to the requirement of that particular company. This will help you concentrate in one company at a time and will also help you get clicked. AT the same time, you may get offers from other companies which have the same requirement.

So the list is never ending. You get lot of tips on how to create a CV which will help you get the perfect job. SO follow these tips and stand away from the crowd.


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