Time to reach out to distant relatives and friends

I reminisce my childhood and wonder, how we used to celebrate the festivals with near and distant relatives and it was always fun to spend time with the whole family. And that’s how it should be. But with people getting busy in their own small world, they hardly have time to spend with their kids and spouse, forget about distant relatives. But, one has to reach out to their distant relatives from time to time.

Having said that, the best time to forget all the clashes and try to reach out to your distant relatives is in the festival time. This is the time, everyone is in revelry and they would love to be part of your revelry and again get into the bond they had once upon a time. I get down the memory lane and remember how our festivals were incomplete without grandparents, our uncles’ aunts and cousins. But today even our grandparents have become distant.

So, it’s time to bring back the culture and let our kids know the importance of every relative in a family, whether close or distant. Let’s find out how we get akin with our distant relatives this festive season:

  1. Organize a get together: This is the time, when you party and invite your friends and family, lets’ do something different and organize a get together with all our relatives distant and close coming together and spending time. It will be difficult to catch hold of each and every relative, because they have their own plans for festival. But you have to try convincing all and bringing them under one roof. A get together is the best way to talk it out and forget and forgive all the clashes.
  2. Introduce every relative to your family: There may be cases where it has been decades you have not been in touch with your relatives and your kids and spouse would not know them. SO introduce them to your family and make them comfortable. When you reach out a distant relative, your kids will also get used to all and this is learning for them as to how important each and every.
  3. Reach out with gifts: The festival brings happiness around and if you share some with your relatives that would be your best Christmas. SO the best way to reach out to your distant relatives is through gifts. Go to their place, invite them to your house for the festival and gift them something which will always be there in their memories like an old family photograph or your grandparent’s memoir.
  4. Plan a picnic: To bring all the distant relatives close, this would be the best option. Plan a family picnic cum a reunion, leaving the differences behind. When it is during a festival, everyone will unanimously accept the offer.


In every family small fights and arguments are common and chances of getting separated is also common. But it is up to you how to you can bring back all the relatives together and learn to forget and forgive.


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