How to decorate your cubicle

Working in a monotonous work environment and in the same cubicle sometimes becomes insurmountable. And on top of that the boring wall colors of your cubicles make you feel low on energy. So in order to make your workplace colourful and bright, employees these days try to embellish their cubicles and make them look lively.

However, this has become a trend these days in corporate and people have a cubicle decoration competition. The themes also differ based on the festival. Like, if it’s Christmas, people decorate their cubicles with a small Christmas tree or a Christmas theme decoration, or Diwali theme. So the themes, gives you more ideas and help you keep changing it from time to time. At the same time, your cubicle looks organized and neat and tidy. So let’s discuss some ideas on the same:

  1. Wall colors: You can change the colour of your cubicle walls not by painting but by different wall decorations, Canvas art, and other oil paintings. Also you can change the wall of your cubicle with temporary wallpaper, which is easily removable and doesn’t leave the walls dirty.
  2. Don’t overdo: We understand that a cubicle with some decorations will look lively, but don’t overdo anything which will look unorganized as it will divert you from working, and also make your cubicle look dirty.
  3. Enough lighting: As already mentioned above too many embellishments can make your cubicle dark and you will not get sufficient lighting. SO decorate it in a way that you have enough lighting and it looks spacious.
  4. Size matters: In many companies, the size of the cubicles differs. Some have small and some have big cubicles. You will have enough space to decorate a big cubicle, but the major challenge is to decorate small cubicles. SO get ideas and designs which will make your small cubicle look big. Like try to decorate it more with white colour as white makes a small room or cubicle look big.
  5. Photo frames: The best way to personalize your cubicle is to put a photo frame with some happy moments involved, this will keep you lovely and happy whenever you feel low.
  6. Theme decorations: A theme decoration is something which gives you vast ideas. As already discussed, if it is Christmas, decorate your cubicle with small Christmas tree and Christmas balls around. Diwali is the festivals of lights so, get some artificial lights and light your cubicle with bright colors. Then we have New Year theme, Independence Day theme with your country flag and some nice posters on the walls.
  7. Quote of the day: Your cubicle can also have a small white or black board where you can write inspirational quotes every day. It inspires your co workers and you as well to work with full enthusiasm.
  8. Trophies and awards: Your achievements are worth flaunting so why not display them. SO organize your trophies and awards from your present organization which will motivate you to perform well every time and add on the trophies.


Lot of options are available these days to decorate your cubicle and make it look different and lively. At the same time it also motivates your co workers to do the same and the whole office environment will change drastically.


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