Doctor Please listen!

Have you ever experienced taking an appointment well in advance and still waiting for hours together for the doctor and when finally your turn comes, the doctor hardly listens to you or suggests the medication? I am sure you must have. It’s quite ludicrous and you have to come out with hundred more doubts in mind than you had before entering.

It’s really disquieting.  I had an experience with this Doctor. She is an obstetrician and really famous and popular among people with her success stories hanging all over the hospital. Before going to the doctor, it’s natural that you enquire and do research on how the doc is and the reviews of her work. I did the same and went to the hospital. Now the structure of the hospital itself said everything. The fees of the docs were touching the sky. Anyways, we needed it, so we didn’t quite think about the fees. Around 6.00 pm we went their registered my name and was waiting and waiting. When asked at the reception, they used to say 10 mins and around 9.00 pm the doc called us. We went inside and since this was the first time we went there, the doc was very patient and she gave us almost 1 hour of time and we were satisfied and came out with a big smile. Though no treatment was given but just some words of wisdom was all that we got.

Now after that, every visit we had, I noticed the time was getting reduced and reduced and earlier when she gave us 1 hour, now she hardly gave 15 mins.

There was this time of my life when I conceived and had an early miscarriage. Since it was our first conception, I was quite depressed and wanted to know the reason of the same. This time again we took an appointment and after 2 hours the doc called us and before we could ask her anything, she just entered the room, saw the reports and said I am sorry and left. She directed us to a junior doc, who gave us some medicines, but, we wanted to talk to the senior doc. We were shocked to the core. We had so many doubts in mind and we wrote all the questions we have to ask her. And all we got was a rude answer and a feeling of guilt.

I mean for God’s sake listen to your patients they have genuine problems and that’s why they are here. They are not your money minting machine that you just take the fees from and hardly give them time and leave. I am not saying all the docs are like that. I understand you are very busy and you have a lot of patients, but just imagine our plight we go through all the losses in the world and still come to you for help. For once, put yourself in our shoes and think like a human being and not like a businessman. So a humble request “Doctor, Please listen!”


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