Festival without relatives

This is what happens when you get busy with friends and relatives at home. There has been a hiatus in my writing. The whole of last week I had relatives and was quite busy and tied up with my daily chores and other things that I hardy had time to come back and update on or write on something.

But, I must say, when your relatives are at home, you have lot of work, Agreed! But at the same time you enjoy their company. I enjoyed so much that, now after they are gone, I am in the blues and I don’t know how much it is going to take for me to get over it.

I reminisce how, during the festive season, our house used to be full of friends and family. The whole house used to be in revelry. Laughing, chatting, Kids had their own group, women had their own and men used to be busy discussing serious topics on politics or sports etc. We used to shop around together, dine out, enjoy. Go for a picnic. Never used to realize how days used to pass and then on the day they had to leave, we used to roll on the ground and cry for them to stay back.

That’s how life was, during my childhood.

I somehow re-lived my childhood days last week. And I felt, how people these days have become so busy that they hardly have time for their family, forget the relatives. the trend of relatives visiting your house during festival or otherwise has slowly become extinct. Anyways, I would definitely want my kids to know the value of relatives and how to treat them when they visit your house. This was a culture which was taught to us and has been followed by us since then.  And I would like my kids to inhibit the culture for the generations to come, so that the value of a festival and the trend of relatives visiting never faints away or brushes out completely.


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