How to write a cover letter

Your job application is in full swing and you have your resume ready, you are good to go for the interview, but you should get a call letter. Unless you have a cover letter, you won’t be considered these days. So, with every application, cover letter has become very important without which your application looks incomplete.

What is a cover letter? It is a brief introduction of you and it should be short and crisp yet compelling and appealing. Whether you are sending your resume through mail or Email, a cover letter attached shows how professional you are and that itself makes a first impression.

Having said that, don’t write a 2 page letter, because it says cover letter. It has to be a small paragraph or two and should be such that, the employer should be interested in reading.           A cover letter has to be sent for every position and it should not be the same. So this could be a tedious job, as for every job you apply for, you have to format a cover letter based on the position. But Guess that will make you a pro in writing a cover letter :). Let’s discuss some important points when writing a cover letter:

  1. Mail or Email: If you are mailing your resume, a plain white paper with a cover letter, neatly written and attached with the resume and sent to the employer. However, if you are applying via email, write the cover letter in the body of the mail along with your CV attached.
  2. Simple and short: Don’t write a whole story of your career, starting from your education to your current employer, it will take ages to complete writing for you and it will take seconds for the employer to reject it upfront. You career details have already been mentioned in your CV and they don’t want to read it again and again. A brief about, how you came to know about the opening, why you feel you deserve this job, your strengths and weaknesses are all that is required. However, the format is discussed below.
  3. Formatting: The basic format of a cover letter is this:
  • Salutation like “Dear (First Name of the hiring manager)
  • Body of the letter with first paragraph mentioning about the job you are applying for and where did you find the opening.
  • Second paragraph discussing about your qualifications which should be specific to the job requirement. You can also write a reason why you would like to apply with this company. But all these should be crisply written.
  • Then the last Paragraph should be the conclusion mentioning, you are positive with working this company and look forward to discussing your qualifications further. Don’t forget to mention your Email ID and phone number for them to contact you.
  • And Write Regards or Thank you with your name signed.
  1. Check the language and spelling: Before pressing the send button, check thoroughly the language you have used. Does it sound professional or it sounds too casual. Casual will give an impression of you being casual and not really interested in the job. SO write in a professional way, if required take the help of the experts. Also, do spells check of your cover letter several times and then send. A small typo is still acceptable sometimes, but if you’re whole cover letter has a spelling mistake that might go against you.


You can save this cover letter and can re- format it based on the application and postings you are applying for. So all in all, a proper and professional cover letter is indispensable to get your dream job and to crack the interview.


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