Benefits of Smart phones

Till a few years ago, Money transfer was quite a process, you either had to rush to the bank but with the internet banking, and you could do it right from where you sit. But, did you ever imagine that, Banking would be as easy as chugging a glass of water, wherever you are? Well! Yes, with the usage of smart phones, you can deal with the transactions anytime anywhere, you don’t have to wait for the banks to open or holiday is not a big deal for you with the facility of banking in your finger tips.

At the same time, smart phones are slowly taking the place of your computer, especially because, it is compact and can be carried anywhere and transactions can be done anytime. Hey! Did you know you can shop online from your smart phone as well and make payments from the phone? Not a big deal? How about this, you can book your flight and train tickets from your smart phones. This is quite a thing, mainly because, in case of emergency you have to reach out to the nearest Cyber cafe to book the tickets, but with smart phones in your hand, you can book the tickets anytime.

Well let’s discuss some major benefits of smart phones:

  1. Pay all your bills: Smart phone has taken the place of your PC, now you can pay all the bills on your finger tips. Right from the electricity bills to your mobile bills and other monthly bills can be paid online from your smart phone.
  2. Greater functionality: A smart phone has a wide range of functionality one can choose from, right from sharing videos and images to far off friends and relatives. You can also prepare presentations and share with your clients and colleagues. You don’t have to wait to reach out to your system to meet your deadlines and make an urgent presentation.
  3. Glut of apps: Smart phones have a wide range of apps available, Messengers, Free calls, Games, Calendars, GPS trackers. You name it and it will be there in your smart phones. With so many applications, one totally depends on smart phones.
  4. Social Media: You can also connect socially via facebook, twitter, LinkedIn through your smart phone. You can post photos and status anytime and anywhere within minutes. Are you on Vacation? You can keep your friends updated and share the pics right away without waiting to come back and then post the pics.
  5. GPS: Are you lost in the city, and you don’t know how to reach to your place. Well! No need to panic now. You can track your route through maps and GPS trackers. You will exactly know where you are and the danger of you getting lost is ruled out.
  6. Banking: Most importantly, you can bank from your Smartphone. It is easy and fast, whether you want to transfer or want to receive, this is the best way to do banking. It is compact and secured as well and one doesn’t have to wait to go bank to your room or office in case of emergency.


There are N numbers of benefits of using a Smartphone and there are innumerable apps which are useful. I guess, people have become totally dependent on smart phones these days. Wonder, in no time, smart phones, will take over the place of your laptops or computers.


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