Cell Phone location tracker a Blessing

Never did I realize how useful a GPS tracker is a smart phone. It’s amazing, how you can zero in on the exact location of your relatives or friends and track them exactly where they are.

An interesting thing happened today. One of my relatives came to my place and she had a return journey today evening. She being new to the city, we activated the Tracker in our mobile phones. Ideally, it takes, 1 hour from my place to the railway station in the worst case scenario and so accordingly, we booked the cab. While she boarded the Cab and started, just after minutes, she realized she left her mobile phone and returned back which took 10 mins. It was already 7.00 pm and her train was at 8.20 pm. Now the driver said that it takes one and a half hour from here, which made the situation even worse. She was tensed and so was I. Anyways as soon as she boarded the cab again, I started tracking her every minute. I was at my wits’ end, because, I suggested her to go late as, it hardly takes an hour.

Now she was even more tensed and worried, because, she was alone and on top of that she didn’t know the routes. I kept updating her with the route based on her location and told her how much more time is left. But Till the time you reach there you are worried and that too when you are travelling alone. Every minute, the Tracking was as accurate as it could be and was showing the exact location. Finally she reached there on top and we could track the exact location.

It is amazing, how where ever you go, the surrounding towers catches the signal of your cell phone and provides the information to the cell phone which tracks your phone and gives them the location details.

Well, it was a blessing in disguise for us. We could track the person and could also assess the route and how far a person is to the destination. I must say, the cell phone location tracker is an app which everyone should download and use it.  At the same time, your cell phone tracker also has an alert system, where, if you feel you are trapped or lost, you can send an alert and it reaches to the person who is tracking you continuously. Well, a great app and very useful device. The smart phones has really made your life easy.


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