The magic touch of a mother

They say God cannot be everywhere and so they created mother. As soon as we are born the first touch of our mother is what we feel and that touch is magical. It can make a crying infant smile, it makes the pain recede, and it gives a soothing feeling. Fortunate are we that we can feel the love and touch of a mother. There are so many orphans who never experienced the love and felt the touch of a mother. And so one should cherish each and every moment and love and respect their mother.

She goes through an immense pain and suffering to bring us into the world. She sacrifices everything to make us happy. She can never see her child sad or upset and she would do anything to bring back the smile on your face. She is a friend, a guide, a well wisher, and an advisor and someone who will espouse us always, fighting against all the odds and she acts as a shield to protect her child…

The power of a mother is inexplicable. When I was a child, I read somewhere this interesting quote which says, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool mom”. And that’s so true. She can easily make out if you are lying or trying to fool her. At the same time, she can go against everyone to protect you from the ruthless world, the evil. For her, a child’s safety is above everything in the world. She sacrifices everything to fulfil your dreams and she always strives for her child’s success and safety in life.

And today, this day, I would like to thank my mom for always being by my side in my kith and kin. When I was going through a bad phase, you stood by me and helped me get over the pang and suffering. I just can’t imagine life without you mom. Always stay by my side and help me take hard decisions in life.

You are my role model and I would like to follow you in every walk of life. Just like you have supported and protected us, I promise to do the same to my child. I am sorry if I have hurt you intentionally or unintentionally, I deeply apologize and would try to keep you happy henceforth. I know, a mother never keeps any feelings or grudges in her heart even if you break her heart into pieces and will still protect her child. For that, I salute you.

Thanks mom for everything, for being there always for me and love you loads.


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