Advantages of joining a start-up company

Lot of people are apprehensive working with a start-up company, majorly because they do not hold any brand like other big MNC’s do. Working with renowned companies is always a dream of an individual, but when it comes to visibility, growth and other factors, one has to wait for decades to get noticed and appreciated in large organization irrespective of how well you perform.

However, for some the name of the company is trivial, what matters to them is growth and long term commitment with the organization and so they prefer start-up companies over big organizations. Working in a start-up company is a learning curve and people tend to become multi talented for reasons that they have limited resources and so they come in front and initiate some of the work which is not their forte.

Having said that, there are lot of advantages of working in a start-up:

  1. 1.      Growth: Before joining a company, the major factor which an individual looks upon is the Growth. Unlike large companies where one has to wait for decades before they get a promotion, small and start up companies has good growth exposure, for reason that being a small organization, the resources are less and so one might get promotions quite frequently.
  2. 2.      Visibility: Working in a closed environment with limited employee strength, there is more visibility as compared to large organizations. In large organizations, there is less or no visibility at all for reason that too many employees are there and you effort gets unnoticed because of that. In start up and small companies, your work is recognized and rewarded in a very short span of time, which might take ages in a large organization.
  3. 3.      Office culture and politics: When in large organizations, the culture is altogether different and office politics is quite prevalent. And one has to adjust to the culture in order to survive there. However, the culture in small organization is altogether different. Because of the limited strength of employees, the chance of politics or buttering and other tactics is quite lucid. So there is a huge difference when it comes to the work culture in a small and large organization.
  4. 4.      Leadership: It’s a huge responsibility for an individual working in a start up company for reasons that your performance directly affects the reputation of the company as well as the clients. And so a sense of ownership and leadership is imbibed in you as soon as you join a start up. Also, one gets a chance to lead a team at an early stage which gives them more scope to grow and prove their calibre, which is not possible in a large organization.
  5. 5.      Commitment: There is always a commitment issue when it comes to working in large organizations, may be because of the above reasons like growth, visibility, promotions and other factors which if goes against you, you don’t want to  stay in that company for long term. At the same time, in start ups, because your work is appreciated and visible, you would want to stay longer in such companies and watch them grow in leaps and bounds.
  6. 6.      Packages: Sometimes as compared to large organizations, the package offered in start up is more reasonable and acceptable. There is a cliché that in large organizations, they pay peanuts and make us work like slaves. However, in small organizations, the package also is as per market standards sometimes.

So, this is a debatable topic and one can’t come to a logical conclusion on which is better, but definitely there are some advantages as discussed above, which goes in favour of start up companies. Having said that, the large companies are also going that extra mile and taking steps for employee satisfaction which is a huge breakthrough for the reputation of the company, also for some people brand and name matters a lot and so they prefer large over small organization. In either case, there are some advantages and some disadvantages and as mentioned it is a debatable topic.

SO all in all, a start up is also not a bad choice and one can learn and grow a lot in these organizations.


2 thoughts on “Advantages of joining a start-up company

    1. Hi.. Thanks for your comment on my post. I really appreciate your feedback. However, Package is an issue with even the high level companies. I worked with start up and at least they are sometimes flexible with the package which is totally opposite with corporates


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