Badges earned through blogs

Writing blogs was never my cup of tea and I was always apprehensive about the same. I used to read some blogs and used to get motivated to write, but didn’t had the courage to start.  When I told my husband, “I Think I should start writing blogs”, He would give me a sarcastic look and that used to hurt me.

All my relatives used to discourage me for reason that they thought they were superior to everyone in the world and thought I am not capable enough, and would make fun of me. My husband had the same fear. More than trusting me, he would discourage me because his relatives would make fun of him. That really hurts. And I thought I should give it a try.

However, I have reached 100+ blogs now and as and when I analyse my blogs, I could see the improvement in every blogs I write. I could see, how my earlier blogs looked more novice and childish and how over a period of time it has improved.

To my surprise, I got really great responses and likes and positive comments which motivated me to keep writing. And today, my day is incomplete without writing. Then I thought why not monetize my writing and I am getting pretty descent rewards for the same, for which I am satisfied.

One day, I was just browsing through all my bogs and I saw, I have earned quite a lot of trophies for the number of likes and followers, and that gave me immense pleasure and happiness. I called my husband and he was as surprised as I was and encouraged me to write more. And when you get a little support from your family member, your urge to write increases and it doubles your confidence and energy level altogether, which is what is helping me move further.

I have blogged in different platforms, I am getting great responses and I am in cloud nine. I have decided, I will make this as a career for myself, even if I don’t get paid, It is improving my knowledge and helping me grow as a blogger. All thanks to my viewers and followers who has motivated and encouraged me to write and improve and who has bought me where I am now and the whole credit goes to all my viewers who helped me get so many badges and trophies. Also, reading others blogs is also a great learning curve. I have learnt new words and added it in my vocabulary, got more and more ideas and topics. SO all in all, a great experience so far and I continue to experience the bliss and grow in leaps and bounds.


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