Your first career: A turning point in life

You may dream of a career and strive hard to get into the same, but circumstances might change the situation and you end up in a career which is by chance and not by choice. This is the crucial point in your life and you cannot compromise with your career.

Having said that, your first career is always a turning point in your life and sets an example on which path you have to follow and plan the career growth accordingly. It becomes really difficult to change your career when you have already set your hands and expertise on that. However, one can always enhance their first career in order to make way to the coming opportunities and for your future.

  1. Enhance your skills: Even if you are working in a call centre, you can enhance your skills and try to move ahead in the same field. No job is good or bad, it’s the mindset and your interest towards it. Learn new skills which interests you simultaneously and try to get into the a different field in the same organization, this way there won’t be much hopping and you will stay for longer duration.
  2. Love your job: They say always love your job not your company, because you never know when your company will throw you out. SO getting too much connected with your company will not be helpful, in fact your job and your skills will make you stand away from the crowd. If you have a Resume full of skills you will never get a problem getting a job.
  3. Set a trend: Just because, you don’t like the job or the company, you can’t quit it, in fact try to survive in adverse conditions and stay in the company and the job you hate and make it fun and interesting and try to set a trend.
  4.   Grass is greener: Truly, we tend to get attracted to other people’s lifestyle and the job they do. And that in way forces us to change the career altogether and try different careers. SO one has to be satisfied with whatever they are doing and try to make it more interesting rather than trying to follow others. You know which skill you are good at and try to enhance it more and more and grow in the existing career.


SO, your first career always leaves an impact in your life as well as your job. The more interesting and fun you make your job, the more you will grow in the coming years. That is why they say, your first job is always a turning point, because, you are quite gullible when you join a company and any good or bad things affect you mentally as well as leaves an impact for a lifetime. SO try to keep good memories and learn lessons which will help you grow in your career and also take it forward in your coming years and careers.


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