How to negotiate your salary

The crux of an interview is salary negotiation, which can take a toll on your whole interview process if not handled effectively and smartly. Having said that, one can’t compromise on their salary just to woo the employer or the HR and get into a job with almost half the salary. This would make you look desperate.

So one has to always take a strong stand when it comes to salary negotiations and any mistake from your end can wreck your career altogether. Let’s point out ways to negotiate our salary without offending the employer or the HR:

  1. Never show attitude: It’s quite common, when you have too many offers in hand and you know your market value you tend to show attitude and that is reflective in your interview. Remember, all days are not the same and even if you hold a highest degree and highest designation, you have to bend in front of the HR. So always be polite and keep a smile on your face.
  2. Don’t say “No” bluntly: Saying “No”, will leave the scope of any further negotiations or discussions for you and even if the Employer has made up the mind to accept the salary you want, they might not disclose it, for reason that you have been too blunt on their face. This sounds unprofessional.
  3. Don’t apologize for unnecessary reasons: I read somewhere that people tend to apologize for even small things which might be fine in other cases, but if you say “I am sorry, I can’t accept this salary”. This sounds quite rude on their face and might offend them.
  4. Take some time: It is not mandatory that, you have to finalize your salary on the same day of discussion, you can always ask for some time and discuss with your family members and then take a decision. So, even if they have accepted your salary proposal, don’t jump on your chair and accept it, but just say thanks politely and ask for some time as you would like discuss with your family members.
  5. Be logical: Some candidates during the salary negotiations quote some unrealistic figures, which doesn’t even match their present salary and that shows how pathetic you are at salary negotiations. SO just be realistic and logical and quote salaries which you think you really deserve.
  6. Market research: Before going for an interview, always do a research on where you stand in the market and accordingly discuss with the employer, rather than just giving a vague figure and leaving the HR and employer doubtful about your background.
  7. Prove your point: When quoting a figure, you should have a valid point to prove, why you are asking for such figure and those points should be convincing as well, so the interviewer, knows you have done your homework.
  8. Discuss other offers: When you keep the hiring manager informed about all the other offers you have in hand, it can bolster in your salary negotiations, because no employer would want their best candidates to join the competitor. SO this can make the offer in your favour.


Your presence of mind and your convincing skills can get the salary negotiations in your favour. SO always be positive and sometimes, the brand also matters, so if the company has a brand name, you can to be resilient and can accept the offer. Because golden opportunities, never knocks the door again, and your attitude and unnecessary squabble can leave a good opportunity from your bucket and your competitor will grab the same. So sometimes, not always, one can compromise a little if working in that organizations, means a world to them.


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