How to deal with negative and difficult employees at work

One has to face difficult and negative people at every walk of life. Especially working in the recruitment business, you have to face them almost every day. Your boss, your co-worker, your employees and as an HR, you have to deal with all kind of people and move ahead in your career. That is the trait of a true and hardworking HR.

However, how will you identify, who is a “difficult to deal with” employee, someone, who constantly complaints about the workplace or their co-workers, or boss, or the job itself. Sometimes, even the employer has to face the negative impact borne by these difficult and negative employees. Having said that, one can’t just get rid of these people because there has to have a reason to take any extreme step. And because the employee is difficult to handle, is no good reason. There are people who are always cynical about anyone and everyone in the organization. The moment they meet someone they have a judgement and they have a view for them and they live in that fancy views and ideas and refuse to come out of that and try to talk in a positive way.

Every individual has a different trait, some adjust to the environment and some constantly complain about the same. Let’s discuss ways of dealing with these employees in a professional manner:

  1. Don’t get carried away: When an employee comes to you to complain about anything, don’t get too carried away and start believing on whatever they say. Because these people have a great convincing power and they make you believe that they are being tortured in the organization. SO you can always listen to whatever they say and tell them you will help them, but learn to draw a line and give them the message loud and clear that, you cannot do anything against the rule of the organization, but suggest them to be positive, which is near to impossible for them. However, you can talk to your senior management about the same.
  2.  Identify the problem: One has to understand the reason why a person has become so negative about a particular person or the organization. SO try to get into the route of the problem and get into their shoes and try to understand the reason behind.
  3. Talk positively: In order to defuse the problem, you have to adopt a positive attitude and try to always talk positively. When every time, the other person is negative and you are positive, his negativity might slowly diminish and they might take a positive attitude as well. However, this can happen the other way round as well, because negativity always takes a toll on positivity. So try to concentrate only on positive attitude and don’t let your mind divert from your point of view. Stand stiff and confident on your point of view and don’t get convinced by the other person.
  4. Identify areas of change: When talking to these employees, you will notice a common word or a sentence they will use on almost everyone. SO identify the mindset and areas where you can change them. And try to change their mindset and behaviour towards negativity.
  5. Stay calm and composed: When a person whines continuously about the co-workers or boss or organization, its mundane that the other person gets irritated and angry at the same time, so be a good listener and Stay calm and composed and do not react in a negative manner, always wear a smile and try to explain them your point of view.

However, one has to understand that there is no fire without flames. There may be some flaws which the other person recognized and that gave a negative impact on them. So try to dig deeper into the issue and try to find out the reason what has created a negative impact on that employee and suggest improvement on any flaws.


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