Your pregnancy: those pampering days

Pregnancy is the time when a woman has lot of mood fluctuations and cravings and they want all the attention in the world. And its natural, they get all the pampering from everyone, right from the in-laws, parents, husband of course and also the neighbours.

Your body goes through so many hormonal changes, you feel groggy, nausea, mood swings, cravings, cramps and what not. This is the time to take extreme care of yourself and your baby.  The jitters are common, there is anxiety. Every minute your mood changes and that is the reason doctors ask you to be happy.

Having said that, you behaviour affects the baby inside and those 9 months, you have to just think about the baby and behave and eat for the wellness of the baby.

  1. Always be happy: As discussed, your behaviour reflects positively or negatively to the baby inside. They say if you are happy, your baby is happy inside. Anger, anxiety, depression will affect adversely to your health and the baby. Whatever you think and do will affect your baby.
  2. Always think positive:  During pregnancy, one has to always take positive vibes and try to get away from negative thoughts. When you think positive, the vibes goes to the baby inside and that will always keep the baby positive. Don’t let negativity take a toll on your happiness and always try to be happy and positive, that is the mantra of healthy pregnancy.
  3. Listen to soothing music: Music is the best healer for any pains and during pregnancy, music always gives a soothing feeling. It doesn’t have to be necessarily only light music, but not too jazzy music. Songs and music which placates your mood swings is advisable.
  4. Read religious books: Reading books also diverts from any thoughts which can make you sad, or give tension or anxiety. It keeps you busy. Especially when you read religious books, all your anxiety and jitters vanish and you feel mental peace.
  5. Meditation: This is the time, when you have mood fluctuations, you feel sad, lonely, happy, angry. SO many emotions barge into your mind, that you don’t have control over it. So best way is to try to manage all these emotions. Meditation is the best practice to keep all these emotions away and keeps you happy and peaceful.
  6. Eat healthy: Whatever you eat, will help in the growth of your baby. So always eat healthy and eat small small quantity many times instead of eating big meals twice. Eat lot of fruits as well.
  7. Watch your cravings: This is the time, some women have weird cravings and they say you should never stop your craving. So watch your cravings and things which you think is healthy for the baby ea that.
  8. Don’t research too much: Doctors always suggest not to research too much at this time, because you have too many unnecessary information available on the net that you go research for anything, it will make you scared rather than happy and that will not help you in anyways, but will keep you more tensed and leave you doubtful.

I am as novice as anyone who has first pregnancy, but just tried to jot down all the points which our elders have been suggesting for ages and which has always worked wonders. SO all in all, always stay healthy, eat healthy and think healthy, your baby will be healthy.


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