Ways to continue working after retirement

Post retirement stage is a stage of oblivion. Especially for someone who has spent the entire life working hard and taking care of the family, they just can’t sit ideal at home. There are myriad opportunities available for people after retirement. However, some people want to explore a new life altogether. Something which they always wanted to do and couldn’t do because of the work, this is the best time to go ahead and do what they love.

Having said that, people right from the beginning of their career, try to save some penny for their future and for life after retirement, which is smart saving. They do not want to depend on their kids when they are old and they feel till the time, they have stamina and will power, they should continue to work even post retirement. SO there are glut of opportunities available these days:

  1. As a visiting lecturer or tutor: Someone who has been in the education business earlier can work as a visiting lecturer in big colleges. Rendering your knowledge to the students in need is also a part time job. Though you may not get much money, but that as philanthropy one can educate the poor in the rural areas or in the villages. This way, a poor will get education, at the same time, your time will pass quickly and you will feel satisfied as well.
  2. Librarian:  Some colleges, hire part time librarians for their colleges and this is the best job for the retired personnel, as there is no much job though, but this can help you research about all the books and your knowledge will double. There is no age for education and improving knowledge.
  3. Insurance agents: You might have retired from any job, but working as an insurance agent is a type of job mostly for the retirees. Part time agents don’t have a target as such for selling the insurance and you get commission for the same. However, this job may require you to convince the other person, which not all prefer at this age. But this is worth considering.
  4. Freelancer: For those who always loved writing and reading, this is the best job. You don’t have to step out of the house and you can work as a freelance writer or blogger and get paid for the same. The best part time job for retirees.
  5. Private organizations: There are lot of private companies, which provide wide range of job opportunities to the retirees. So one can always consider part time job in those organizations.


SO there are many more options and opportunities available in the market even for the retirees and one need not worry what they will do after retirement or how they will spend the life post retirement. However, some people love to do other stuff other than doing a proper job like gardening, crafting, travelling. SO it totally depends on your interest. When it comes to financial stability that is the last thing they have to worry about especially the government employees and dependency is something which they hate. SO instead, they like to keep them self busy. AT the same time, even the private employees, secure their future well in advance and that becomes an advantage in their old age.  SO never think that an old person will be a burden, because they don’t want to be one.


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