How to Hone your decision making skills

Whether in business or at work or in your personal life, people come across a situation, where it becomes difficult to take even the simple decisions in life and that is the point when, you feel helpless and lonely, you want to get over this situations as soon as possible, but your dilemma makes your situation worst. When you are mulling over a problem for quite some time, it becomes even difficult to take important decisions. So one has to take some decisions based on their personal experiences but not all personal experiences help in taking a great decision. SO one has to be very careful while taking some important decisions, because one wrong decision can bust your reputation altogether.

Let’s discuss some important point in order to sharpen our decision making skills:

  1. Real time scenario: Sometimes, while taking decisions, you have to think about occasions where you were stuck on something and how effectively you took a decision and keeping that in mind, take a decision. A great leader is one who takes decisions based on their personal experiences and looks into the pros and cons and then takes a decision which would be beneficial.
  2.  Take pensive time: Sometimes, when you are surrounded by colleagues and boss, it’s difficult to concentrate on the pros and cons and take a decision. So take some pensive time alone in your cabin or somewhere you find solemnity, this is the best way to concentrate and then take decision.
  3. Ask for suggestions: When you have to take a big decision which you feel you would not be able to take alone, try to take suggestions from your team members and manager and then take a unanimous decision. Sometime, you might feel that taking some decisions is a piece of cake, but when it comes to implementing it, that may take a toll on your career. So it’s imperative that you work as a team and take decisions.
  4. Step by step process: Don’t jump directly into any conclusion and decide in a hurry. You know, you are given enough time to follow a step by step process. In order to take all the credit and then regretting later, it’s better to follow a procedure, jot down all the points in your mind and those suggested by your colleagues and then come to a conclusion and put your plan into action.


Even a small decision, when taken smartly, takes a different turn altogether, and it can be a turning point in your career. So never get nervous even if it’s a small or a big decision, instead think in a composed manner. Remember, any step taken in sudden impulse is going to bust your career and you will regret for a lifetime.


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