Stranger danger and child safety

Its strange how sometimes a small incident which is totally unimportant stays in your mind forever, or incidents which happened with you when you were small makes you feel that God is there and he saved you from something worse to happen. When I was a little girl, my mom always used to tell me never ever trust a stranger and don’t go to him even if he offers anything which you like. They will abduct you and take you away from your parents. And I used to literally imagine, how my life would be horrible without my parents and I used to think of ways to get rid of that stranger and come back to my parents. It was silly though, but when you are small, as I said earlier, even little things stay forever in your mind. I used to think, I will beat him and shout for help and then someone will come and help me.

And I am so thankful to my mom for she continuously was alert and made us alert about any mishap. I still remember, I was 12 years old, and it was during our summer vacation. I and my neighbour friend were just going to the tailor’s house, to get her mom’s dress stitched, which was just a kilometre away from my house. Because it was summer, afternoon time is all hot and so you can hardly see a single human being outside.

So, we reached the tailor’s place and because she said it’s going to take some time to get the dress done, my friend stayed back and I had to go back because, my mom instructed me to come back soon. So on the way, I saw an ugly old man was standing. He called me and asked me for some direction. I, standing there, directed him to the place. He said, he doesn’t understand and asked me to come along. Suddenly he insisted me and started pulling me towards him. At that point, I realized, something’s wrong and started pulling myself back with all my force. But I couldn’t get rid of his grip. Was trying hard but all my force and my pressure went in vein and then I thought I have to do something. And I just bit him on his hand and ran as fast as I could. He followed me till some distance, but since my house was not too far, I started shouting “Help, help”. And to this he became alert and ran away.  I came home and was in a state of shock and told my mom the whole incident. I was so petrified that even now when I think about it, I feel, what if like a foolish girl, I would have gone along with him. What would have been my condition? And I literally get the Goosebumps.

I really feel, it was because of my mom continuously explaining me and because God was there with me that, I came out of it safely, without being hurt. This incident made me even more alert and brave.

This story is not to show how brave I was and how God have saved me, but to tell everyone that, any danger never tells you before coming. So always keep your child alert and keep teaching them about the danger they can get into if they blindly trust a stranger and try to help them, without thinking, it’s a trap. So as parents, you have to keep your child alert and keep probing them if you find their behaviour unusual. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


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