The importance of multi-tasking at workplace

Multi tasking has become indispensable to grow in an industry. Not only at workplace but, in every walk of life multi tasking is important to grow in the fast pace of competition. Earlier, work was allotted to people based on their capacity. However, in order to minimize the resources yet get the best result, people are trained in different fields and these results in multi tasking.  The trend of multi tasking started from the BPOs and call centres, where an associate had to take calls at the same time resolve the issues and concentrate on customer satisfaction. Likewise, this trend has been taken forward and is followed in every organization.

Multi tasking helps in completing tedious tasks at ease and saves time and increases productivity at the same time. It helps in prioritizing the work and simultaneously concentrating on multiple projects. Having said that, sometimes, multi tasking can leave you confused and unproductive, if not planned and implemented properly. So it’s imperative that, when you multi task, avoid overdoing to finish the work early and end up leaving everything half done. To avoid any such complications, one has to effectively multi task:

  1. Plan your day: The most important way to effectively multi task, is to plan your day. A proper planning will help you complete all the work on time. Sometimes when you have loads of work at your desk, time is always insufficient. When you plan your day, you can easily manage time at the same time finish the work on time. So multi tasking in a planned way will help ease the work and increase productivity.
  2. Prioritize your work: As discussed above, proper planning will help you multi task easily, likewise, prioritizing your work will help you finish all the important work first and then complete the other not so important work later.
  3. Don’t be over confident: if you are good at multi tasking, it’s normal that you might feel confident and feel that you can finish all the work on time. And this over confidence can leave your work incomplete. This can lead to unproductively in your work.
  4. Don’t dawdle: When you have prioritized your work, try to finish on time, instead of procrastinating. As discussed above, overconfidence can dishevel all your plans and yon can end up dawdling your whole day. So don’t delay or postpone your work, because you are good at multi tasking.
  5. Don’t overdo: overdoing something, can lead you to confusions and stop the pace of your work. So even when multi tasking, do it at your comfort level and as per your calibre. So, anything overdone can wreck your image altogether and your boss might lose confidence on you if multi tasking.

So, all in all, multi tasking, if done effectively can help ease your work and finish it on time. But if, not planned effectively, can lead to a bad image altogether. In a way, multi tasking at a certain level, is always helpful. One should not cross the limit of the same and try to overdo in order to impress the boss and end up in poor productivity.


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