Expectations from the new government

Right from the time, our new prime minster has taken over his duty in the PMO; people have their eyes on his each and every move. With the level of confidence Shri Narendra Modi has shown and with the same confidence level, people have voted him as the prime minister, he becomes answerable to each and every citizen of India and so has he been so far. I like the way he is working which is transparent and prompt, though some cases require extra effort and for that very reason it may take some time, but one has to give the new government some time, as it has just been a month and a half.
Having said that, people have lot of expectations from the new government which they are aware of that somewhere there could be price rise as our PM has already indicated about the bitter pills for the well being, development and future of the country and At least I have that confidence, that this government sure will do something for the development and I am ready to taste the bitter pills for the same. I am sure opposition would raise their eyebrows which they have been doing time and again.
With the coming budget, there are lot of expectations from the government. People are so frustrated with the previous government that they want a real change in the economy; they want more job opportunities for the youth, a better law and order system, a quick and fast solution in the courts. There are so many things, which the past government failed to do in its 10 years tenure and so people are exasperated.
This may sound frivolous, but even if this government commits some minor mistakes, people are ready to take it, because they want to give them a chance to prove. They have been giving the previous government chances for over 10 years and they understand that they are good for nothing and just a government full of scams and busy filling their banks and pockets and they have no interest and a soft corner whatsoever for the people. The poor were getting poorer and the rich richer and that’s what they have always wanted. They just didn’t care, if the people are suffering, all they wanted was their pockets full.
However, in the midst of the agitation of the people and the fault promises of the swindlers, the general public recognized the true leader in Modi and the work he has done in his state Gujarat. Those who have been to Gujarat genuinely wanted their country to be like that and the Gujarat model was a talk of the town and everyone’s main expectation is to make the country as perfect and developed as Gujarat.
Women safety is another major challenge which our country has been facing. Time and again, they have been facing physical and mental torture. They are being brutally raped and murdered, and still no Law as such has been made, By the way the previous government did pass some laws and raised some fund for the women safety but all went in drain. When the time actually came to implement those laws, our own politicians came out to defend the rapists and make some sexist comment against women. SO we are expecting some strict rules and laws from the new government and hope they would really punish the culprits and genuinely help the women. Again, these things do take some time, but, we are not going to give 10 years time, like we did to the previous government and wait and watch the dignity of the women go in snippets.
Then the job opportunities, as promised by the Prime minster, that there will be more job opportunities in the public sector for the youth. This is another great expectation from the government. So many people still in search of a proper job to earn a living, this one promise from the government has brought a ray of hope in them and they have a very high expectation as far as jobs are concerned.
With the kind of ministers the Modi cabinet has like the power minster, The HRD, Railways minster and so on and so forth, all highly talented minsters in their respective fields, everyone is hopeful that in each and every sector, decent amount of changes could be expected.
SO all in all, though it’s been just a month and a half, and with the effort they are putting, people are quite confident and hopeful about the development and better future of the country and so they are ready to take some bitter pills of price rice, railways price hike etc, for the betterment of the economy. And after all, if we can waste our 10 years for a good for nothing government, we can definitely, give some time to the new government who genuinely want to bring in some changes and who has been taking steps right from Day one for the betterment of the country which is visible to each and everyone. So there is no way we can blame the present government for some price rises, when we have been bearing it for quite some time blindly without knowing the reason for the same and at least the new government has been giving the reason for the price rises and proving a valid point which we cannot go against.


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