When you are taken for granted

That moment when all your life you have supported your husband and fought for him with everyone even your parents, and then when he treats you indifferently in front of others, you can make out that you have been taken for granted.
I really hate these types of people, who treat you great in front of your parents and then in front of their parents they change altogether. Who are to be blamed? The parents or the values they have been given. In either case the parents get blamed for no mistake of theirs. It’s the attitude that is to be blamed, that now she can’t leave him, even if he treats her badly or slaps her, because she is carrying.
This is about one of my friend. She has never talked ill about him, because he has never done anything of that sort, is what she says. I want to ask everyone, what is wrong in calling your husband frequently when he is out of station? It is purely out of concern and one has to understand that this is not stalking or spying. How can one easily say that they can’t give minute to minute update? No one asked for one. It was just a casual call. Also they have to understand that when your wife is carrying, she goes through lot of mood swings and anxiety. You just can’t run away from your responsibility. It’s you who should call frequently and ask about her health. Here it’s the other way round here. What would a girl feel like? She has been taken for granted and her husband is a two faced person, when with her he takes extra care of her and when away, he shouts and treats indifferently. This shows how snotty they are.
Anyways, I just wanted to share this, because my friend called me and she was quite upset. I too felt very bad for her. This is the time you have to keep your wife happy and she was crying continuously. I mean how mean can one get that if your wife calls you, instead of asking about her health you start shouting and blasting her because she called you? That’s ridiculous. Every time she called me she used to always support and boast her husband and if anyone would say anything against him even as a joke, she would not take it and would fight for him. I was shocked for the first time she told me something negative about him.
It’s really hurting, when you blindly support your husband and he takes you for granted. I am no one to comment on anybody’s personal life, but I would definitely want to let all the husbands out there know that once you have married a girl, you have a responsibility and you have to understand that and if she calls you out of concern, it’s a genuine concern and nothing else. If it was your mother you would talk hours together and ask about the health, but what happens when your wife calls, is it a big blunder that she has done that you have to shout and insult her?
If you cannot treat your wife the way her parents has treated her, at least stop insulting her. You have no bloody right whatsoever to hurt her feelings.


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