Staying healthy while travelling

It is a much needed break and you have applied for a Turkish visa and it has been approved as well. Now you are super excited and this is the time when out of excitement you tend to forget important things. The most important thing in your to do list should be ways to stay healthy while travelling. Whether it’s a week’s trip or more, you have to take real good care of your health. You don’t want any health problems in the middle of your vacation. Do you?
So, you may be exuberant about this vacation, but, make sure you are extra cautious about your health, especially when you know you are travelling to a foreign country and you don’t know the ABC of the place.
Having said that, let’s jot down some points on how one can stay healthy while travelling:
1. Avoid junk food: When you are away from home, it’s quite normal that you have to rely on food that is available there it could be junk food as well. But wherever possible, try to avoid junkies and search for a healthy food nearby. Especially when going with kids, you don’t want to take any chances, so avoid junk food as much as possible and try to eat healthy when outside.
2. Carry a first aid kit: It is very important that you carry a first aid kit along .In case of minor health issues like fever, cold, cough, nausea , cuts and bruises etc, it can be useful. Don’t be over confident that nothing of that sort could happen to you or your family members. Only when you are healthy and active, you can enjoy the trip and you don’t want be a spoil sport.
3. Drink plenty of water: In order to stay healthy one has to drink plenty of water and while travelling, water could be a life saver. When your body lacks water content, it can lead to some or the other problems, especially constipation or Diarrhea, because of the outside food. You can’t avoid these problems. SO to be on a safe side, drink plenty of water and stay healthy.
4. Get proper sleep: It is natural that when you are on a vacation, you want to visit each and every place in this small vacation itself and so you tend to strain yourself. However, wherever you go, proper sleep is very important for a healthy vacation. Proper sleep will help you stay fresh and enjoy each and every moment of the sojourn.
5. Stay clean: Make sure the hotel you have booked is squeaky clean and apart from that, you yourself have to stay clean and safe. Keep a hand sanitizer with you and keep rubbing your hand with the same frequently.
6. Exercise: I know with a limited vacation, one would want to utilize all the time in travelling and visiting the places. But from this busy schedule, try to keep some time for exercise. It shouldn’t be full-fledged exercises but some brief ones which will help you to stay healthy.
7. Don’t over exert yourself: enjoying your trip is great, but over exertion can lead to health problems, so try to take some rest in between and don’t over exert or over strain yourself. Give yourself some breaks in between.

SO all in all, if it’s a long trip or a sojourn, try to stay healthy throughout, so that you can enjoy your trip and reach home safe and healthy


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