5 things to spice up my life

Sometimes, we need a break from the monotonous routines in our life, those piles of files on our office desk, Loads of personal and professional pressures, which haunts you every now and then. You just want to get away from all the tensions, pressures and monotony and spend some quality time with your family. That quality time does not mean spending a bomb and going out somewhere, it means a small moment which will bring a smile on our faces when we reminisce it. Every small moment becomes special in its own way.
When we talk about break or getting away from the routine, you have loads of things in your to do list which you think will make your life lively again or to put it in other words, it zests up your life altogether.
Well I have a list of things to do in my wish list which I enjoy the most, and that ideally spices up my life. It is something which whenever I think of doing, makes me enthusiastic just at the thought of it. Let me point out some top things from my wish list:

1. A sumptuous dinner or lunch: It’s not that, I have never been for a lunch or dinner with family. But that is the topmost thing, which makes me really happy and it is so refreshing. Just imagine a nice cloudy weather, your favorite restaurant and a sumptuous dinner or lunch with your family members with light music playing at the background. Oh! I love just the imagination of it. What a day! If not frequently, I would definitely have to experience this once in a fortnight at least.

2. A long drive over the weekend: It’s a long weekend, and we plan to go for a long drive and a small camping. This would really be adventurous. Again the day being a cloudy weather with tiny droplets of rain here and there makes the mood even more pleasant and happy. It makes us forget all the tensions and leave all the worries behind. Going for a long drive makes me exuberant and on top of that camping with the family is an experience of a lifetime.

3. A fun filled day with the family: Break doesn’t only mean a long drive or a dinner or lunch alone, but spending a fun filled day with the family itself makes us feel relaxed and fresh. A nice delicious breakfast followed by a royal lunch and then watching a movie with the family, or playing some games with them the whole day and ending the day with a light dinner with the family. Believe me, this also lightens your mood and stress and you will feel rejuvenating and your family will also thank you for that.

4. A Surprise trip: Imagine your husband plans a surprise trip to a place you always wanted to go. And you board the car and till the end you have no idea where are you heading to and finally once you reach the place, your expression would be worth capturing. SO sometimes, little surprises also makes your day and you reminisce that day as the most memorable and most pleasant surprise you’ve ever had.

5. A day in the spa: Leaving all the chores behind and spending one whole day pampering yourself, is an ultimate experience. You just do nothing but relax and experience the massage itself relieves all the stress and pressure and makes you feel rejuvenating.

So my wish list is never ending and it adds on over a period of time. But these are some of the most enjoyed things which spice up my life and make me feel fresh and rejuvenating.
Having said that, you can actually make every day a special one and each and every moment memorable. If you leave office tensions in office and try to stay happy and spend gala time with the family every day. Believe me you will never have any complaints and you will always stay happy and contented with your life and you won’t require an occasion or reason to zest up your life.

This post is a part of the #ZestUpYourLife activity in association with TATA Zest BlogAdda.com



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