Safety of our kids

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Time and again, our girls have been harassed and molested by strangers every now and then and they are supposed to keep quite either out of fear or threat from the culprits.

But this time, the molesters have crossed all the limits. A 6 year girl was raped by the school staff and the sad part is the other teachers are also involved in this heinous crime. How can someone even get a thought also to do something so terrible to a small kid, who has just started going to school and whose age is to enjoy with the friends and not live in a trauma for a lifetime, just because of a mistake of a bloody pervert.

Imagine the trauma the parents are going through watching their child cry in pain. But enough is enough, now we all should stand against any such crime against a child, a girl or a woman. We are not an object that you can use it whenever your sex drive increases.

Why always a girl has to keep quiet and suffer? What is their mistake? You do whatever you want and then threaten her to keep mum. I mean c’mon, show some humanity and stop acting and behaving like an animal. I think even animals are better than these bloddy rapists. I feel like puking on their face.

There is so much outrage in the public now that if the government and authority do not act on this, people will lose trust on the government as well. I would definitely request the government to impose the toughest punishment for these culprits, so that no one would ever get a thought of doing anything so cruel with anyone in the future.

The problem with we Indians is, any such case comes to a limelight and we react immediately with full form and slowly, we tend to forget everything and again live our normal life and wait for another such incident to happen. There has to a continuous fray till justice is done to the victim and till the culprit is punished.

Let’s go back to the Nirbhaya case, The same thing happened, everyone came on the roads and protested for some time, but the mute government stayed mute and nothing fruitful has been done till today, except extending the dates of the death sentence, it’s been 2 years already.

So, the point here is we have to stand up for the justice till the end. I know you are busy in your own life, but a little support from each and every citizen will help the victim’s family fight for justice just because they know they have millions of people supporting them continuously and they will not lose hope till the end.

So let’s all join hands together and fight for the justice of each and every person who is a rape victim, right from a small kid to a woman. Because we never know, tomorrow, your own child can be a victim, so always stand by the parents and keep supporting them continuously. It is not your mistake that you have to be scared of anyone. The bureaucrats will try to stop you, but we have to follow the mission of united we stand divided we fall and always stay united throughout for each and everyone and keep provoking the government to step forward and take some serious action.


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