And the world stopped

swarna's dairy

They say love is blind. And that stands so true for her. Charu was her name. She was just 19 yrs and was very innocent and gullible. She was fun loving and rollicking. Her friends enjoyed her company and would love to spend time with her.

AT this age, the influence of friends is more than the family. Her friends maintained boyfriends and would boast about them. And she felt “how happy they are in their relationship”. And she desired to live a life like them. She would dream about her prince charming, like any other girl and would wonder how life would be if she falls in love.

And they say, God listens to one prayer a day and so he did. Rohit was his name, a senior in her college and a hunk. He had a personality to die for, a smile so charming and eyes full of…

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