Why is social media a big deal?

Social media has become such an important part in our lives. Our career depends on it; our social life depends on it. Apparently, social media has taken an important place in our lives and we just can’t imagine our life without the same. While it helps us stay connected with our friends and family, it also lets other people peep into your life. SO there are pros and cons of social media usage which we will discuss further. You come across so many ID’s that are fudge and they have been created for a primary purpose of hacking. And it would be frivolous of you to accept their friend request. Having said that, your career too depends on your usage of social media nowadays and so one has to be meticulous with the usage of social media.

Also, one cannot do without social media for that fact that most of the businesses have also started using social media as their marketing strategy and with people totally into social media, it becomes even more important for the self edification in the field. A candidate when goes for the interview, the very first question is, are you in linked-in and if the answer comes no, then the interviewer becomes skeptical whether to hire him or not. That’s how it has become a big deal.

Let’s, discuss some pros and cons of social media:


  1. A great way of networking as it helps a lot in a professional front. The more networks you have the more beneficial it is in your career. And so social media helps in building strong networks.
  2. Stay connected with family and friends. This is a great way of connecting with friends and family and getting updates
  3. Being a part of different forums and participating in discussions especially in linked-in. You get a great knowledge while participating in discussion in different forums and it is also a great way of expressing your views and getting connected with great leaders.


Sharing unnecessary stuff and letting people know where you are and what are you doing, which I think is not at all necessary. If you want your friends to know, you can personally tell them instead of posting in public and letting others also know which can prove dangerous. This, itself is a biggest con of a social media. I am not saying stop using it, but just be careful with the usage of the same and don’t let others know about your whereabouts. You never know, there can be stalkers who just wait for the opportunity and by posting stuff in public; you are actually inviting a big problem in your life.

So, in a nutshell, there are many pros than cons, but if not used appropriately, it can turn into a nightmare. So make sure, the usage of social media has to be in the limits and over usage, as said earlier, can become a fiasco. Some small yet important things to be kept in mind, social media become a very big deal otherwise.


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