Festival without family means nothing

Festival without family means nothing

When we talk about Diwali or any festival for that matter, lot of sweet memories start floating in our mind, A festival which brings happiness all around and a positive energy, and leaves lot of sweet memories behind every time. I reminisce my childhood days, there was so much enthusiasm all around before the festival .We used to just run behind my mom to help her in preparing sweets and savouries, cleaning the house, making rangoli. With so much work, we never used to feel tired rather we were rollicking and exuberant. Ah! It was so much fun. As time passes by, people get busy or rather they don’t get leave to spend the festival with the family. And the pain of celebrating the festival without family is beyond imagination. There is no enthusiasm, no interest of buying new clothes or burning the crackers or embellish the house for that matter. Lemme share an experience which I can never forget in my lifetime.

SO there was this time when I finished my graduation and got a job in Hyderabad. Because I recently joined the company, I was not eligible for a leave and this was the first time I was away from my family and especially when the festival was round the corner, I was missing them desperately. My elder sis was with me and she left her months old baby with my parents to work here due to some family condition. SO we were sailing on the same boat, we wanted to be with our family. Anyways I somehow applied for a leave and somehow I got a leave as well. Now the major problem was that of reservation and since it was festive season, it was extremely difficult to get the tickets. We took a waitlist ticket and someone told us that it will get confirmed once the chart is prepared. So we started preparing and packing our stuff and since my sister’s daughter was turning one on the very next day of Diwali, it was a double celebration and we can’t afford to miss it.

Days were nearing but there was no sign of our ticket getting confirmed. We were worried as we didn’t want our journey to get cancelled at the eleventh hour. It was just a day before our journey. Our train was in the morning and the day before again we checked the status being the same, we literally lost hope and all our excitement just washed away. The whole day we were so dull and we told our parents we won’t be able to make it and they were equally sad. In the evening, we thought will unpack our stuff, but before doing so, let’s check the status one last time. So we just logged in and fingers crossed we put the PNR number and it showed confirmed. We couldn’t believe our eyes and we checked again and again, But yes! Finally it was confirmed. Our happiness knew no bounds. We were extremely happy. SO next day we boarded the train and that Diwali, we had a blast. We can never forget that particular Diwali. It was an experience of our lifetime.

So you see, it means so much for anyone to be with the family and spend the festival together.  With so many people around, your festival becomes even more beautiful and full of happiness and that is what Diwali festival is all about. #Spreadthehappiness

PepsiCo #GharWaliDiwali



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