Health is wealth

Being a parent is the greatest joy. Your child brings so much joy and happiness in your life. She means the world to the parents. But, what if she falls sick? Even the thought of it makes them sad and nervous at the same time. Your child makes the home so full of joy and even a slightest fever makes the child dull and so does the house. But frankly speaking, when I was a child, I used to love to fall sick. Irrespective of what my parents are going through, I used to take advantage of my sickness by asking for things that I want. How mean of me.

But as we grow old, we realize how much pain our parents have to go through if we suffer from pain. They just feel so helpless. The whole house looks unhealthy and sick. Trying to divert the child’s attention from the pain, or just trying to make them feel good, they are ready to do anything.

Being a new mom, I have experienced one such pain already. You know after vaccination, it’s normal that the child gets fever and pain. I was very much aware of the same. SO, it was last week, my child turned 6 weeks and that was a time for her second vaccination, First one, being soon after birth, which I didn’t experience. Anyways, I was pretty normal. But when the doctor came and she explained me about the vaccinations, she clearly told us, that one of the vaccinations will be painful and she will have fever for 2 days. And to my surprise, I couldn’t control my emotions and started crying at the imagination of it. However, my husband tried to pacify me, and I somehow controlled myself. And when finally poor little child was getting vaccination, and her cries made me sob uncontrollably. Right after vaccination, she became normal, but it was difficult for me to control myself.

Anyways, after sometime, we came home and she slept off. Then she started feeling the pain, and the torture started for her. Not able to tell how severe the pain was, she was crying uncontrollably refusing to drink milk and even sleep for that matter. And we were so tensed being new to all this. Just tried hard to pacify her, but as the pain used to increase, she would cry inconsolably. After the first dose of medicine started reacting, her pain subsided, but we didn’t sleep the whole night, just checking, if she is fine or to check the fever. Next morning, she was down with fever, though it was just 100 degrees, but she was super dull that day, and we also couldn’t concentrate on anything either, we were equally dull. Then, in the evening she started coming back to form and started playing and cooing and then we took a sigh of relief. Our uneasiness and tension and pain, all vanished just by seeing her smile and play. Knowing that you’re child is in pain and just can’t do anything but stare at her with a helpless face, is something which no parents want. And when she is back to normal, the house is rollicking and back to form.

That’s why they say, a healthy child makes a happy home. No matter, how naughty she is or how she irritates you sometimes with her pranks, but when she is dull, the whole house is dull. And I really pray to God to grant good health to every child and give strength to the parents.


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