Life sans gadgets and apps

Living in a digital world has quite become a mandate these days; I guess that’s what people think. If they are not updated with the technologies, they are lagging behind and they are simply named backward. Apparently, they are looked down upon. Be it social media, or the usage of smart phones. If you don’t have a “twitter handle” you don’t have a right to exist in this cruel world. Being inactive in the so called social media sites is a crime these days. You are not social if you are not active in social media. At least that’s what some people think and portray. And I would not say, I am an exception either, I am a total social media addict and I spend 80% of my time online either on my laptop or my phone .

Having said that, Life was not like this before, I mull about the days we spent when we were kids. We were not even allowed to watch the television. I reminisce, when I was a kid, I was given just one hour to watch TV and most of the time my mom used to chase me out to play outside. I really wish those days come back again for our kids. And I think it is not difficult to curb on the usage of all these gadgets and apps.

A trip sans smart phones and gadgets is worth an experience, where you just take pics to cherish the memories and not to upload in the social media site and the number of likes, decides how beautiful your trip was. Just dwell in the beautiful moment of the trip and enjoy each and every moment. This is the time to enjoy and cherish the memories for a lifetime. When half of the time you are just glued in your smart phones, uploading pics and chatting, what’s the use of your trip?  The term “trip” itself means, a holiday to refresh you and spending time with your family and friends which has disappeared totally from our lives?

Well! It becomes indispensible that the usage of smart phones be reduced. It is a great source of entertainment though and it should be used likewise and it should not become your life, without which, you feel oblivious and go crazy. I just wonder very soon the time will come, when people have to go to the rehabs to get rid of this addiction too…Lol… Just kidding! but trust me guys, there is life beyond gadgets and apps and social media, just try to spend as less time on these as you can, and you can feel the change and you will feel refreshed once again. Just go out and chill out with friends and family. No updates and no photo upload. It will be fun believe me.


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