My dream home: A Paradise

When it comes to your own house, there are no compromises and especially when it comes to designing and decorating. Having said that, everyone has a dream about how they want their home to be, how will they design it?  A house is made beautiful with not just the four walls, but with decorating every nook and corner with love.

We spend a bomb for a house of our own and hence want it to look the best. So here I am in pursuit of my dream home. While I was browsing through the net for some great designs and accessories for my home, I came across some great stuff from Porcelanosa which will add a great look to my home.

  1. Kitchen: Kitchen is a place where a woman spends most of the time and I would love my kitchen to look classy and spacious at the same time.

This kitchen furniture looks so bright and classy.  It will be so much fun cooking. At the same time, the best time of the day in a family is the meals time. This is the time when everyone sits together and chat while having their meals. This dining table looks elegant.
This kitchen decoration too looks spacious and beautiful. You need a lot of maintenance to manage such beautiful Porcelanosa furniture.

  1. Bathroom: again, this is another place where you spend quite some time. Most of my thinking is done here and I want my bathrooms to look squeaky clean and the fitting and accessories should look elegant and so I have chosen some great fittings for the same.

This bathtub looks so royal. One would just not want to come out of it. And the colour says it all, Serene and elegant. What else do you need if you have a classy spa at home itself?
This basin looks perfect with the bathtub I selected and the chances of wetting the floor is also very less and it will keep the bathroom clean and dry.

The most important thing in your bathroom is the sanitary ware. And this one looks just perfect in a bathroom. One can spend hours together and it can be easily maintained and can be cleaned regularly.

These modern taps shows the water temperature and looks royal. This would be a perfect match for my other fittings in the bathroom.

  1. Wardrobes: I just love to dress and I want my wardrobe to be well managed. If I don’t find my favourite clothes, I just go mad. SO I want a wardrobe where, I can clearly segregate my clothes without any mess. At the same time, the wardrobe should doesn’t look like a wardrobe from the outside.

This looks perfect from the outside and as I said white colour in any room looks spacious and bright.  And from the inside it should be something like this

So all in all. I have already made a list of the items I want to buy and it should be from Porcelanosa. Also, the Porcelanosa ventures are introduced in Asia for the first time with Kolte-Patil Developers LTD For their luxury brand


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