Rekindle the lost spark

It is so strange that, as the years pass by, the relationship between husband and wife take a U-turn. The spark is lost, the priorities change, and both get busy with respective work and family life and hence frictions occur. The reason why a woman keeps nagging is not because, she likes it, but because she feels lonely and feels her identity is lost in taking care of the family. She feels insignificant in the busy world. And I guess the husband faces the same, both want to go back to those days, when the love and passion for each other was intact and evident. Somewhere we lose the hope that those days will never come back again.

But, sometimes a small incident or a little time spent with your spouse, holding hands, going for a romantic candle light dinner, or a romantic walk, says it all, that the love has not lost. You just need to rekindle the spark again.

It was just sometime back, we planned for a family vacation at the Kerala Backwaters and its quite natural, when we go out with the family, we enjoy a lot, but also there are difference of opinions or small frictions too, which we tend to ignore for a reason. But what if you have a fight with your spouse, the whole mood of the trip is spoilt. And at the hindsight of it, we feel we should have compromised. Anyways, so the trip was going quite well so far, we were three couples, my parents, my sister and bro -in -law and kids and we.

It was for a silly reason we had an argument and I started bickering with my husband, and we stopped talking to each other. I felt it was a mistake going for a vacation. Our differences were quite evident. We sat separately on the bus; we weren’t talking to each other. However, in the corner of my heart, I was feeling bad for him and I knew it was my mistake of making a big issue out of a petty argument. However, the ego doesn’t let us compromise. And so I was full of ego, why should I compromise kinda attitude. My parents felt bad and they tried to patch up, but I was in no mood. When I mull about it, I feel so stupid. Anyways, our trip was for 5 days, out of which one whole day just went without talking and then my hubby came and initiated the talk, and though I was unhappy with him, I didn’t want to spoil others mood , so I compromised too. But it was just for the world to show. From the inside, we were equally upset. Anyways next 2 days went quite well, we were pretty fine with each other now. But, something happened which changed my perception altogether for my husband and a small romantic moment made me realize how much he loves me.

It was on the houseboat of the Kerala backwaters. We were just enjoying the scenic beauty and spent quite some time alone looking at the beautiful picturesque scene, totally away from the world mentally. It was that time that my husband just held my hand and looked into my eyes and said “I love you”.  That look and touch was something which for a second took me to the time when we were newly married and I could see the same love and passion in his eyes. He just held my hands and I was feeling on top of the world and then the same night, we had a couple dance, holding each other, looking into each other’s eyes and dancing on the old melodies with the moon just shining bright making the night even more romantic. And that moment just blew my mind and all the negative thoughts or all the previous fights just vanished from my mind and I could just feel love, love and love.

This is when I felt that the spark is always there, we just have to rekindle the lost spark and we can bring back the lost touch. This post is to #BringBackTheTouch

#BringBackTheTouch video


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