Relive the childhood days

The childhood memories are still fresh in our minds and listening to some rhymes and stories just make us nostalgic. I remember when I was a little girl, I used to literally imagine myself in the fairy tales, Sounds bizarre and funny but, I guess every kid does that at that age. But there are some stories which leave a strong impact in our mind and life too, those stories may sound trivial and just a fairy tale, but the moral behind every story is worth following and inspiring our kids to follow.

Every story big or small, funny or not so funny, has some moral behind. The need is to look for the same and imbibe them in our life. Having said that, I have end number of stories or rhymes which are still fresh in my mind and my favourite too. There are times when you hum your nursery rhymes and feel like a child again. I really do that. Lemme share two personal favourites of mine:

  1. The clever crow: This was the story which As far as I remember, my mom used to tell me almost every day when I was a kid. This story tells us, how a crow was thirsty and was searching for water everywhere. Finally it came across a jug of water, but it was half. So the crow thought of an idea and saw pebbles nearby and put the pebbles in the jug and as the water level increased and the crow drank the water and quenched the thirst.

The moral of the story is never give up hope in life and there is always some or the other way to solve the problems, so always be positive and look for ways to solve the problem instead.

  1. The goose that laid the golden egg: This again is a story of great moral. It shows how greed can make you lose everything you have in life. Always be content with whatever you have and even if you get little more, never let greed come into your mind.

It shows how a farmer used to work hard to live a descent life and he used to save some money too. And when he had enough money, he bought a goose, one fine day; the goose laid a golden egg. The farmer was happy and surprised at the same time. Slowly they became rich and the greed to become richer made them do something, they had to pay the price for. Check the video.

So all in all, as I said, the list is endless and all the stories /rhymes have been sweet and full of fun and with a message or a moral at the end. Looking at the videos, I once again went back to the childhood days and just feel the childhood days are the best time of the life.

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