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I always have a fight with my husband for his nonchalant attitude and his stubble look. I mean it’s so irritating when you see someone with a shabby and non shaven look. Your first impression would be “EWWW!” And so when they say “First impression is the last one”, it’s absolutely correct in terms of the physical look and confidence is concerned. One who is lax and doesn’t care about his looks and just don’t want to do anything about it, is the one who has to pay for that kind of attitude.

Whether its man or a woman looks do matter for both. A well-groomed person leaves a positive impact on the people and stubble and shabby looking person makes a negative impact. Frankly, I come across these young generation kids with shabby looks, non shaven look, and some crap dressing sense and then they call this fashion. Come-on, you got to be more sensible when it comes to fashion. You just cannot come out with that lax attitude and call that fashion. Having said that, a clean shaven man looks more confident though they may not be and vice versa and so you see, look says it all and sometimes you just don’t have to make an effort from your side. So it is up to you to decide whether your looks should leave an impact or you want to be loathed by all for that stubble look.

A personal experience just made me mull about how the looks matter so much in a person’s life. As I said right at the beginning, my husband is a little lazy when it comes to shaving and he keeps postponing it every day and I hate this nonchalant attitude. It was some time back; my husband got an opportunity from a renowned company, while he was not actually looking out, but the brand name made him give a second thought about it. He got a call a day before in the evening and that day morning we had a big fight for his unshaven look. And he just shrugged it off and went to office. That night he came home late and told me about the interview and I didn’t really pay attention because of the bitter fight we had that morning and I just told him all the best. Now he asked me to wake him up early, so he can shave and all. I complied with his order and next day morning, I woke him at 5 AM, as he had to go for the interview at 8 Am. I knew he will crib and cry for getting up and that’s why I woke him up a little early. Even for that, he just shrugged off again, saying I will get up in sometime and I got busy with the breakfast preparation and all and when I looked at the watch it was 7.30 and it would take at least 1 hour for him to reach the venue. I just jumped and told him the time and he jumped on the bed and started blaming me. Anyways after again some arguments and discussions, he got ready without shaving (as it was already late), he went for the interview. After few hours, I called him up for the update and he said, he didn’t get selected and you won’t believe the first thing they asked him as soon as he entered the room was. Have you come for an interview or to meet your friend and they told him his casual and stubble look makes him incapable for the post he has applied for.

Well, I was very happy, not for the fact that he wasn’t selected, but he got a lesson from that incident and he came home and said sorry and promised me next time he won’t give me a chance to complain and realized how looks make an impression. Well, though he didn’t get selected, at least it made him realize that his lazy behavior can lead to a loss.

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