How the looks made an impact

I am accepting the tag of Ragini Puri

In my earlier blog, I wrote about how my husband had to pay the price for his stubble and shabby looks and how he realized that looks matters a lot. Now this time, it was the other way round and his self –realization made him deserve what was long pending.

It’s been quite some time that he has been with the company and his performance was always excellent, at least that’s what the managers told him. But every time he asked for a change in the role, the manager would just say, it’s not up to him but the higher management.  So it was during one of the visits of this manager’s manager. And it was told that, he can only decide on the role for him or for anyone else, for that matter, as he is the boss. So my husband was quite excited, not for the role though but to meet this person for the first time, who was mentioned so many times. Man! He must be something! Anyways, so this time without giving me a chance to complain, my hubby just got ready with a clean shaven look and I must say, he looked handsome. For the first time he took some time to groom him and it was nice looking at him taking interest on self – grooming.

I was teasing him; you never got ready when you first came to see me and to woo this manager you are getting ready. Anyways, he was in good mood and so was I and somewhere we felt nervous because his future was in the managers hands.

Anyways, he had a one on one with everyone and when it was hubby’s turn, the first thing that the manager said was “I like your confidence”. Well, you see when you go for a meeting or interview clean shaven with tucked shirt and crisp pant and squeaky clean shoes; you do look confident and professional. So the meeting went really well and he managed to impress this manager and he also put his point forward about his role change and to our surprise, he immediately said, you will get a mail in an hour and yes he did and his role was changed from the team leader to the manager.

Our happiness knew no bounds and it was indeed a well deserved role. SO the look can simply change a person’s mindset and his viewpoint towards you. It sure makes an impact. This incident made us sure that a well groomed look always leaves an impact.

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