Looks do matter

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They say a way to a man’s heart is through stomach and so a woman does everything to woo her husband with the culinary skills. But, what is a way to a woman’s heart? Of course the good looks. A woman wants her man to look good and dress up in an appropriate manner and as said earlier, women just don’t like stubble and shabby looking man.
Well a little offbeat though but I would like to share an experience of one of my colleague. He was kind of a lazy person and would just find all the excuses for not shaving and not dressing up properly. Everyone in the office just wanted to stay away from him for the fact that he used to stink as well. Now, just imagine, office is a place where you have to maintain contacts, you have to be smartly and neatly dressed. His manager would often call him up and used to warn him to come properly dressed, but he would give some or the other excuse and get away from it. There was no reason to throw him out just because of his physical appearance. So everyone just stayed mum and tried to ignore him and stay away.
Now this was some time back, when his wife (can’t imagine he would even get married) was expecting and during the same time, a client was to visit the company and this client was very important for the company. So the manager explained everyone to come dressed up and prepare a presentation. Each person was allotted a specific topic and so was this guy. Now he was actually very good at it. But as usual on the D-day, we were expecting him to at least come clean shaven and properly dressed, but as usual he had a reason for that. Our manager was very pissed off and he warned him, if we lose this client because of you, I will throw you out of the company and this guy was least bothered. And exact same thing happened.
As soon as he took over the stage to show his presentation, the clients gave him a weird look and they just asked him to leave the room. Later they blasted on the manager for hiring such person. His shabby look just made him pay the price and right when he required the job the most he was thrown out. We really felt bad for him but even now he had an excuse and was blaming the client.
I mean you have to be more sensible when it comes to your job and priorities. Every time your excuses won’t work. Now he is still looking out for a job but his behaviour is unchanged. I really wish he become more responsible before the new member of the family arrives, or else that poor thing also has to suffer because of his dad.’

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