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I remember, when I was in school, I used to hear stories about college. That there is freedom to wear whatever you want, life is colourful and its fun bunking the classes and going out for a movie. And when I completed my school, I was super excited to join the college, the new environment though made me nervous and the ragging jitter etc. But on the flip side of it, I was quite nonchalant for the fact that most of my friends from school were with me in the same college too and that made me relax.


College days are something which makes us nostalgic throughout our life. Whether is bunking the classes, or spending hours together in the canteen chatting and having fun or hushing in the library , the cultural activities, the inter college competition, practicing our energy out to just get the trophy for our college. There is N number of incidents which keeps running in your memory when we talk about college days. And there are Innumerable memories attached to those golden days.

I remember one incident, As soon as I entered my college on the very first day, I felt it so very similar to my school, and people already told me that, it is the strictest college and you have to have 90% attendance and all. But thanks to my studious friends who would mark our attendance when we were not around.

I already started hating it because of the fact that I didn’t expect college to be so strict. Anyways initial days went really boring and we didn’t really have a choice because, before we can think of bunking the class, the next teacher used to be ready 5 minutes before the lecture gets over. We were literally waiting for the right time to enjoy our college hood. So it was during one of the lectures that we were supposed to submit an assignment and we couldn’t prepare for some reason. It was our gang of girls. And so we were thrown out of the class. And for the first time we didn’t feel embarrassed but felt happy. As soon as we came out of the class, we just ran towards the canteen giggling and jumping.


Now we were planning our next course of action, because we didn’t want to attend further classes for the day. SO we decided we will go out for lunch and then will just loiter around. While we were on our way to parking, we saw our principal standing in front of us and we thought we are gone. She asked in a firm voice “Where are you going” and before we could come up with a story, we heard a voice and it was one of my friend who starting screaming and shouting as if she is in pain. And we all looked at each other and gave a cunning smile. We told the princi “She has a severe stomach pain and we are taking her to the doc nearby”. The next question was “why 5 of you”. And we couldn’t really give her a valid reason and we were dodging her question. Well the reason we gave was like one said “two of us will go to Hospital with her and the other two will go to her house to inform her parents “. I mean for a small stomach ache we were going to inform her parents? It didn’t strike us and all of us nodded in agreement. Everyone started giving their own reason and made her so confused that she didn’t ask any further questions and warned us and asked us to leave. And as we came out we laughed our lungs out. That day was the craziest day, we just enjoyed like there is no tomorrow, shouting, giggling, chatting, and gossiping.

It was a much needed break from the monotonous routine and bunking the college for the first time. It kind of gave us a feeling of satisfaction that we have done something crazy in our college. The very first taste of freedom was a memory as sweet as sugar, which makes me nostalgic even today. It brings a smile on my face. Even now, when I am writing about it, there is a constant smile. Some moments just can’t be erased from our memories and this is one such event, which is as fresh even today after so many years.

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